March of the Elephants

Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata

A 2013 Production

From 6 years old

La Marche des Éléphants, Inês Barahona et Miguel Fragata © Filipe Ferreira


March of the Elephants tells the story of a man and a herd of elephants. When the man dies, the elephants gather and march to his home to pay their last respects: he was not just any man, he was one of them. March of the Elephants is about existence, life and death, and the journey we all have to take to find out how to say a final goodbye to someone one day. This show makes us think about death, which is a mystery for all of us, whether we are still children or already adults.

"Miguel Fragata, a young Portuguese artist, takes us on a marvellous journey through life and into the afterlife. The delicate subject of death is approached with gentleness and humour, thanks to an elaborate set design. A tale where poetry and the play of light, veils, images and figurines serve up a vivid and poignant description of the work of separation that is necessary at the moment of the loss of a loved one". (Vosges Matin)


This show was preceded by a long period of research, involving over 200 children aged between 6 and 10, with whom the artists met and held workshops. All the material gathered was used as inspiration for writing the show.

Since 2014, the Festival d'Avignon has been working with the city of Avignon to develop educational activities during extra-curricular time, aimed at raising awareness of the show among young audiences.


Production Formiga Atómica
Coproduction Formiga Atómica, Artemrede – Teatros Associados, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Viriato
With the support of Governo de Portugal, Secretário de Estado da Cultura, Direcção-Geral das Artes


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