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What is the Festival d'Avignon ?

Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the Festival d'Avignon is one of the most important international events in the field of contemporary performing arts. Every year in July, the Festival turns the city into a theatre, welcoming tens of thousands of performing arts lovers from all ages and backgrounds. Among exceptional historical sites, including the Palais des papes, the Festival produces and puts on about sixty shows, as well as readings, exhibitions, films, and many debates.

  • 3 weeks of Festival means 20 venues, 50 shows (over 300 curtain risers), and, counting debates, encounters, and screenings, over 400 events for a total of 140,000 admissions (both paid and free), for an average attendance level of 90%.

  • To organise the Festival, 33 permanent employees work throughout the year along with 750-800 temporary workers. Counting the artistic teams we welcome here, we create 1,700 jobs and almost 50,000 days' worth of work, not counting our permanent staff.

  • Throughout the year, 800 hours' worth of artistic events bring together 5,000 students, 140 classes, 90 schools, and 37 towns, and 1,600 people are able to visit the Festival.

  • Our budget is 14 million euros, 60% of which comes from public subsidies, and 31% from revenue (distribution, co-productions, sponsorship and partnerships, ticket sales).

  • The Festival is therefore both a driver of growth and an actor of redistribution. The Festival is also known for the important presence of the professional sector, both French and foreign (12% of festivalgoers), 600 accredited journalists (with 520 interviews for print, audiovisual, and web media, 200 radio interviews and reports, 35 television crews, 112 film shoots, 44 photographers).

  • Our website receives more than 4 million page hits a year, and over 1,000 pictures and 200 videos are added with every edition. The programme of the Festival d'Avignon leads to a large number of tours. The shows in the programme performed more than 1,000 times in 40 different countries.

The OFF Festival : avignonleoff.com

The director of the Festival d'Avignon has a mandate to independently create a programme for each edition. Our teams scout artists and/or shows in France and abroad to then create this programme; there is no application process to perform at the Festival.

The “Archives” section of the website includes the programme of every edition of the Festival d'Avignon since 1947. You can also contact the BibliothèqueNationale de France, which has a branch at the Maison Jean Vilar in Avignon. It has collected and made available all the history of the Festival d'Avignon:

The Festival d'Avignon is supported in its missions by sponsors (individuals, companies, foundations). To learn more, see the section “Becoming a sponsor of the Festival d'Avignon”.

Working at the Festival d'Avignon

Job and internship offers are available on thewebsite of the Festival d'Avignon or on the Linkedin account of the Festival https://www.linkedin.com/company/festival-d'avignon/. Every year, in April, the Festival d'Avignon makes available application forms for seasonal positions (reception agents, guards, cleaning agents, etc...). You can submit your application via this form within 3 weeks.

The Festival d'Avignon doesn't employ volunteers.

I want to see shows at the Festival

The programme is:

  • available on our website after the press conference of the Festival (in late March),

  • available to download as a PDF on the main page of the website and in theDownloads section (at the bottom of the site) in late April,

  • available at the Festival d'Avignon (Cloître Saint-Louis), at the tourism office of Avignon, and with many of our partners, like the Fnac.  

If you want to receive the programme, you need to update your information on the website before March, in the “My account” section.

The health protocol is availableonline, and in every venue of the Festival.

You will find the time and duration of a show on our website, on the show's page. If it says “estimated running time”, it means that the show is currently in production, and that the duration is therefore an estimation and can still change. Changes and final running times will be indicated at the venue, before entering, as well as on our website.

There is a calculator called “My programme” (in the upper right corner of the website) which takes into account the duration of the shows and travel time between venues. It shows you which shows are compatible within a single day. Every show has its duration listed on its page. Maps are available on the website, on the page dedicated to each venue, and in the “Coming to the Festival” section. They show car parks, bus and shuttle stops, travel time (on foot or by car), and entrances for wheelchair-bound festivalgoers.

You cannot by tickets on the “My programme” page.
You can book your tickets:

  • Online :festival-avignon.com

  • On the Festival's mobile application, available for free on the App Store and Google Play

  • At the ticket office of the Festival d'Avignon (Cloître Saint-Louis, 20 rue du Portail Boquier, Avignon): starting on 11 June, from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday

  • On Fnac.com and Fnac's shops

  • At the Festival Shop (Place de l'Horloge)

Unless specifically mentioned, a show is either in French or without any text. Shows that aren't in French all have French surtitles. Programmes in English are available at individual shows.

It is forbidden to take pictures or record any part of the show. A message will remind you of it before every show. However, during curtain calls (and only then), you can take pictures or record videos.

Yes. Part of the programme is aimed specifically at children. A young spectactor's guide is available to know more about the shows, screening, and workshops, and offers games and activities around the theme of the Festival. Children need to have a ticket, and will not be permitted to sit on your lap.

Arriving 30 minutes before the beginning of a show will allow you to go through bag and ticker checks without having to rush, and you will have time to find your seat or to pick one if the seats aren't numbered.

For the Cour d'honneur du Palais des papes, the Cour du lycée Saint-Joseph, and the Opéra Confluence, we advise you to come 45 minutes before the beginning of the show.

There is no dersscode, however, be careful with the wind that can be cold.

We cannot provide a cloakroom or lockers. Please plan accordingly, and do not come to the venues with large bags and certain items (see below).

No animal will be let in, except for guide dogs.

As part of the plan Vigipirate, the following items are prohibited within the venues:

  • large bags,

  • travelbackpacks,

  • suitcases,

  • helmets,

  • firearms,

  • bladedweapons (evenfake),

  • sharp-edged items: knives, scissors,

  • glass or plastic bottles,

  • opaque containers: thermos, cans, etc.,

  • aerosol cans or compressed-gas cylinders,

  • toxic chemicals,

  • flammable liquids,

  • fireworks (bangers, flares, etc.)

Only spray bottles and clear half-liter water bottles are allowed.

Whether to let in latecomers or not is up to a show's artistic team. If the entrance to the venue is through the stage or in front of it, no latecomer will be let in once the show has begun.

If a show is cancelled long before the performance, we will contact you (by email and/or text) and let you know if the show is postponed or how to get reimbursed. This is why it is important to provide us with a valid email address or phone number. If you bought your tickets at the Fnac: we invite you to contact them by email or to go to the Fnac ticket office.

I want to book tickets

You can find all information here : Pricing

Yes, children under 18 enjoy a reduced rate for all shows, and a 10€ rate for shows for young audiences.

  • I'm under 26: yes, upon presentation of a valid ID. To be eligible for a reduced rate, you need to be under 26 at the time you book the tickets. You may also be asked to provide a valid ID at the venue itself, on the night of the show.

  • I'm a handicapped person: yes, upon presentation of a disability card and/or proof that you receive an allowance as an adult with disabilities. You may also be asked to provide the aforementioned document at the venue itself, on the night of the show.

  • I am currently unemployed: yes, upon presentation of a valid document proving that you are. You may also be asked to provide said document at the venue itself, on the night of the show.

  • I'm an RSA beneficiary: yes, upon presentation of a valid document proving that you are. You may also be asked to provide said document at the venue itself, on the night of the show.

  • I have a “senior card”: no, the Festival d'Avignon doesn't offer reduced rates for seniors.

  • I'm buying tickets for 5+ shows: if you buy tickets for 5 shows or more at full rate, you will receive the “Grand Spectateur” rate starting on the 5th show (the first 4 remain at full rate).

  • I'm with a group: if you order over 25 tickets at full rate (a single order for several people), the “Grand Spectateur” rate will be applied to those tickets. (Tickets are nominative, please include information for every member of the group.)

  • I am an association, a works concil, a school group, a community, and would wish to offer an experience of the Festival: you can write the group service (if buying at least 40 tickets) in April. You will receive a form to fill out and return by mid-May. The fulfillment of a request depends of availability. Please contact groupe@festival-avignon.com

There is no waiting list at the Festival d'Avignon. You can go to a show's venue 45 minutes before a performance to try and buy tickets.

Yes! Tickets can be bought at a show's venue, 45 minutes before the beginning of each performance, subject to availability. Passes and some reduced rates aren't available at the ticket offices of the venues. Don't hesitate, tickets are often available until the very last minute...

Two pass systems are available at the Festival d'Avignon:


- 5 SHOWS AND MORE: if you book 5 shows or more full price, you benefit from a reduced price for the 5th show and the following ones ( the 4 first shows remain at full price)
- 25 SHOWS AND MORE (a single order for several people): the “Grand Spectateur” rate will be applied to the entirety of your order if you order 25 tickets at full rate or more (Tickets are nominative, please include information for every member of the group.)

  •  4/40: 4 different shows for 40€ for people under 26. Tickets are nominative and subject to availability. More than one pass can be bought by the same person.

Yes, if you book your tickets directly at the Fnac (in a store, by phone, or on the fnac.com website) rather than at the Festival's ticket office.

Cheque, debit card, cash, “chèquesvacances”. roue (local currency)

-          If you chose to retrieve your tickets at the ticket office, you can do it until 3 hours before the show at the ticket office of the Cloître Saint-Louis, or until 1 hour before the show at the venue. -          If you chose an electronic ticket: you can download it in the “My account” section of the website. For the ticket to be valid, you have to either print it legibly, or present it on your phone or tablet.

Yes. The SSL secured server insured the reliability of e-commerce by encrypting all personal data provided during payment (address, email, bank information, etc.). During online transfers, it is impossible to read or extract those data.

Tickets can't be exchanged or refunded, unless a show is cancelled or postponed. See our general terms and conditions in the “Bookings / Tickets” section of our website.

Selling a ticket for a price higher than its value is prohibited (law of 27 June 1919 and 12 March 2012). However, if you sell it for a price equal to or lower than its value, we can't do anything about it.

  • If it's a thermal (physical) ticket with a stub, you don't run much risk: If it's a full price ticket, no worries, enjoy the show! If it's a ticket at a reduced rate that doesn't apply to you, come to the ticket office to pay the difference so you can enter the venue.

  • If it's an electronic ticket, be careful, it could be a photocopy or a non-valid ticket. You might not be able to enter the venue. We highly discourage buying electronic tickets.

It isn't possible. The Festival d'Avignon doesn't handle bookings for shows outside of its programme (OFF festival, permanent theatres, Villeneuve-en Scène...). You should contact those structures directly, as they are independent from the Festival d'Avignon.

Online Booking

  • Reactivate your account by clicking on “Reset your password / I forgot my password”

  • As a last resort, if you can't reactivate your account, you can contact us at resaweb@festival-avignon.com

We regularly put tickets on sale, and we encourage you to check on our website, come see us at the Cloître Saint-Louis, or directly at the show's venue (the ticket office there opens 45 minutes before the beginning of the show).

It's no big deal! You can start by checking whether you received a payment ticket from Paybox.

If you have reduced rate tickets, you have to upload all the relevant documents in the “My account” section.
Once you have done that, we have to approve them and confirm so that you can download and print your tickets.

In spite of all that, i still can't download and print my e-ticket : are you sure you picked an e-ticket? It should be in the confirmation email you received. If not, we invite you to go to the ticket office at the cloître Saint-Louis with your order number and a valid ID.

If you make a copy of a ticket, only the first person to arrive will be able to enter, as the QR code printed on the ticket is unique.


In 2019, eleven venues have numberedseats: Cour d'honneur of the Palais des papes, La FabricA, Cour Minérale - Avignon Université, Cour du lycée Saint-Joseph, Cloître des Carmes, Théâtre Benoît-XII, L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon - Vedène, Gymnase Aubanel, Gymnase Mistral, Gymnase du lycée Saint-Joseph, Opéra Confluence. In all other venues, seats are not numbered.

If you buy your tickets:

  • At the ticket office you will be told where your seat is.

  • Online, you can see when buying the ticket where your seat will be.

how can i know if the tickets i bought are for seats next to each other? If the venue doesn't have numbered seats, you are free to sit wherever you want. If you buy your tickets at the ticket office or by phone, ticket office clerks will take your criteria into account as much as possible. If you buy your tickets online, they will be for seats next to each other by default, unless such seats are no longer available. Seats are numbered thus: every row is designated by a letter (A, B, C...), with row A being the closest to the stage. Every seat is designated by a number (even: 2, 4, 6, 8... and odd: 1, 3, 5, 7...)

You can sit wherever you want, as long as the seat is free.

Seats cease to be numbered 5 minutes before the beginning of the performance.

You can then enter the venue:

  • Depending on availability if seats are no longer numbered,

  • At your assigned seat if they are.

Preparing for The Festival

Plane, train, bus, bike... Information about every means of transport is available on the website in the “Prepare your trip" section.

Walking and biking are the easiest and quickest ways to get around. Self-service bikes (vélopop') are available.

A detailed map of parking spots is available on the Festival's website as well as on the website of the city of Avignon.The city centre won't be accessible by car from noon to 2 a.m. Some car parks are connected to the city centre via shuttle. Buses also make the connection from some nearby towns.

To know more :
Coming to the Festival

Maps and itineraries are available on the website, on the page dedicated to each venue and in the “Coming to the Festival” section.

For a few venues located far from the city-center (L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon - Vedène or l'Opéra Confluence), shuttles are available by the ticket office.

For the itinerant show, and in order to make it easier for people from the towns visited to attend, we remind you that there is no shuttle service organised by the Festival for those performances. Acarpooling system ishoweveravailable: popcar.fr

Festival venues

Itineraries for people with reduced mobility are available on the website in theAccessibility section. You can also find them on parking.handicap.fr / avignon.fr / avignon-tourisme.fr

You can contact us ataccessibilite@festival-avignon.com so we can better welcome and accommodate you.

If at all possible, try booking your tickets over the phone. To move around the Grand Avignon as a person with reduced mobility, a shuttle is available at +33 800 456 456.

Food is available at some of the venues, a list of which is available in the programme and on our website.

The Festival d'Avignon relays no commercial offers on its website and social networks. Please contact the tourism office for more information: avignon-tourisme.com

The health protocol is availableonline, and in every venue of the Festival.

Rain is only a problem for shows playing outside. If we determine that the show cannot be performed, you will receive an email and/or text letting you know if the show is postponed or how to get reimbursed.

It can be cold out at night. Remember to take some warm clothes, especially if the mistral is blowing.

The following venues are air-conditioned: gymnase du lycée Mistral, gymnase du lycée Aubanel, gymnase du lycée Saint-Joseph, La FabricA, Opéra Confluence, Théâtre Benoît-XII, chapelle des Pénitents blancs, L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon – Vedène, la Chartreuse-CNES de Villeneuve lez Avignon, le salon de la Mouette de la Maison Jean Vilar.

You can find all of the fountains and water supply points in an online map on the website of the city of Avignon.

My Information

By clicking on “My account”, il the upper right corner of the website.

You can do it directly on your account, or by sending us an email at festival@festival-avignon.com

We do not communicate your information to any third party.

Staying Informed

We send out a newsletter once a month by email throughout the year. To sign up for our newsletter, click here

You can also choose which publications you want to receive, by post or by email, in your account settings. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, those networks are a great way to follow everything pertaining to the Festival :

Some of the shows are filmed and broadcast in their entirety on the video page of the Festival, in the “Direct / replay” section. A few days after the first performance, you'll find a 3-minute clip presenting the show on the video page in the “Extraits” section, and on the show's page.

Yes, all the encounters and debates of the Workshops of Thought are filmed and available on the video page of the Festival in the “Workshops of Thought” section, and on the page dedicated to each encounter.

We recommand you go directly to the venue where you lost something to ask the staff there. After the Festival, you can contact the Festival's standard +33 4 90 27 66 50, or come see us at the Cloître Saint-Louis. We might have what you lost !