Tactile visit in the Cloître des Carmes, 2018 © Sharlie Evans

Festivalgoers with disabilities

Every year, the Festival d’Avignon works to make sure that people with disabilities aren’t excluded from culture, and we have been developing measures to respond to individual needs: maps of the venues with access information for people with reduced mobility, training of our staff to better respond to the needs of people with disabilities, increased number of subtitled plays and of electronic glasses with built-in surtitles, audio description…

More generally, if you want some advice about our programme, or if you want to book tickets at reduced rates or communicate us your individual needs, you can contact us at:

You want some advice about our programme:

Accessibility: Surtitling and French sign language

You want some advice about our programme, book tickets for a performance in audio description, or go on a tactile tour of La FabricA:

Accessibility: audio description

You want more information about the accessibility of our venues, or book tickets for a person with reduced mobility:

Accessibility: access ramps, access maps of the venues

To learn more about the Festival’s venues

An accessible website

The Festical d’Avignon is proud to announce its partnership with FACIL’iti, an innovative tool developed by a French company.

With FACIL’iti, our website’s layout adapts to the needs of people with visual, motor, or cognitive disabilities. Many profiles are available to fit the needs of as many people as possible: visual impairment, Parkinson’s disease, age-related muscle loss, colour blindness, dyslexia, etc.

For a more comfortable experience, you can now customise the layout by choosing the profile that best suits you.

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