A team

The Festival d'Avignon team, 27 June 2023 © Karine Music

The Board

The Festival d'Avignon is a non-profit organisation governed by the 1901 law, and subsidized by the French government (Ministry of Culture), the City of Avignon, the Greater Avignon Urban Community, the Department of Vaucluse, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region.

Its board includes the following members: President Françoise Nyssen; Vice-President Cécile Helle, mayor of Avignon; Secretary Christiane Bourbonnaud, former assistant director of the Festival d'Avignon and of the ISTS; Treasurer Claude Morel, vice-president delegate of live performances in the Communauté d'agglomération du Grand Avignon ;

The following full members: Thierry Suquet, préfète de Vaucluse ; Christopher Miles, Director General of Artistic Creation at the Ministry of Culture ; Bénédicte Lefeuvre, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Michel Bissière, Regional Advisor of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Elisabeth Amoros, Vice-President of the Vaucluse County Council ; Claude Nahoum, deputy mayor delegated of education culture and solidarity.

And the following qualified personalities: Laure Adler, journalist ; Emmanuel Ethis, sociologist, university professor, Rector of the Academy of Rennes ; Alain Timár, Director of the Théâtre des Halles ; Laetitia Mazzoleni, director of Agence de Fabrication Perpétuelle and Théâtre Transversal, Bernadette Rey Flaud Alphandéry, president of the Amis du théâtre populaire (ATP) d'Avignon

Employee representative at the Avignon Festival: Léa Dony, Production Manager.

The Festival d'Avignon employs about 30 people year-round, and about 750 to 800 people in July, including more than 360 performing arts temporary workers. In order to bring you this edition, over 1,750 people, artists, technicians, and organisational staff, have worked tireless and enthusiastically for months.

The permanent team


Tiago Rodrigues, Director
Pierre Gendronneau, Managing Director

Eva Terrasson Roche Executive assistant
Véronique Matignon Coordinator of the Café des idées and the artistic workshops project in prison

Executive Committee : Tiago Rodrigues, Pierre Gendronneau, Eve Lombart, Michaël Petit, Magda Bizarro, Géraldine Chaillou, Anne-Mathilde Di Tomaso, Mélanie Corneille, Céline Saad
Artistic committee : Tiago Rodrigues, Pierre Gendronneau, Magda Bizarro, Géraldine Chaillou


Eve Lombart, General Administrator
Amandine Grammond, Chief Accountant
Amandine Raynal, Head of Human Resources
Maéva Perrot, Head of Payroll
Bernard Valette, Head of IT


Alexandre Quentin, Head of communication and audiovisual
Margot Sibel, Head of Information and Media partnerships


Anne-Mathilde Di Tomaso, Director of Production
Clara Moulin-Tyrode, Deputy Production Director
Léa Dony, Head of Production and Booking
Djamila Gin, 
Companies’ Hospitality General Coordinator


Magda Bizarro and Géraldine Chaillou, co-Directors of Artistic Programme 
Lydia Paul Executive Assistant of programming department 

Public reception and ticket office

Mélanie Corneille, Director of public reception and ticket office
Sara Schiavini, Public reception and ticket office

Public relations

Lucie Hass, Head of Public Relations 
Camille Cousy, Public Relations
Juliette Marmisse, Public Relations
Christelle Racine, associate teacher at the Festival d'Avignon


Celine Saad, Head of sponsorship and partnership


Michaël Petit, Technical Director
Philippe Roussel  Deputy Technical Director
Marion Costenoble, Head of administrative of the Technical departement
Nicolas Villenave, Technical coordination for La FabricA project
Xavier Rhame, Head of staging and set construction
Stéphane Veysset, Stage Manager
Daniel Pires, Stage Manager
Noui Meliouh, La FabricA Caretaker

An enlarged team

The Festival d'Avignon employs 35 people year-round, and more than 700 people in July, including approximately 300 performing arts temporary workers. Each edition, over 1,500 people, artists, technicians, and organisational staff, work tireless and enthusiastically for months.

Job opportunities

As part of its global policy of accessibility to all audiences, the Festival d'Avignon is careful to integrate all diversities within its teams.  All applications are welcome, regardless of age, gender, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability. For the integration of people with disabilities, we are working on possible adaptations of the positions to be filled - within the limits of the applicable rules for the safety of people: do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your situation.

For a spontaneous application, please send your resume and motivation letter to recrutement@festival-avignon.com

Seasonal recruitments

The recruitment campaign for seasonal jobs 2024 is now closed. Applications will be processed in March and April 2024. Thank you for your interest in the Festival d'Avignon.

Technical jobs recruitments

The recruitment campaign for technical jobs 2024 is now closed. Applications will be processed in March and April 2024. Thank you for your interest in the Festival d'Avignon.