The Disappearing Act.

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Yinka Esi Graves

United Kingdom - Spain / Creation 2023

By exploring the deep roots of the art of flamenco, The Disappearing Act. reveals the presence of Africa in Spain and creates a dialogue with the invisible traces history leaves in us. 

The Disappearing Act. Yinka Esi Graves, 2024 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Exploring the deep roots of flamenco, The Disappearing Act shines a light on the presence of Afro-descendant populations in southern Spain. Born in London to a family from Ghana and Jamaica, Yinka Esi Graves went to Andalusia to study flamenco. Upon her arrival, she physically felt the influence of other cultures: this show is an attempt to give substance to this sensation, to make visible the traces time has left in us, to bring to the surface forgotten stories. On stage, the choreographer summons many influences—Spanish, English, Ghanaian... She also crosses paths with Miss Lala, an Afro-descendant circus artist, immortalised by Degas in the 19th century. Between camouflage and resistance, Yinka Esi Graves transforms the act of disappearing into an artistic gesture. 

Mientras explora las profundas raíces del flamenco, The Disappearing Act. nos revela la presencia africana en España y hace dialogar las huellas invisibles que la historia deposita en nosotros.

Interview with Yinka Esi Graves


With Yinka Esi Graves
and Raúl Cantizano (guitar), Remi Graves (drums), Rosa de Algeciras (vocals)
Desgin, direction and choreography Yinka Esi Graves
Music Raúl Cantizano
Lighting Carmen Mori
Sound Javier Mora
Video Miguel Ángel Rosales
Costumes Stéphanie Coudert
Sound Manager Enrique Gonzalez
Lighting Manager Carmen Mori
Production María González Vidal (Trans-Forma Producción Cultural)


Production Trans-Forma Producción Cultural
Coproduction Africa Moment (Barcelona), Grec Festival de Barcelona Instituto de Cultura Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara (Trente)
With the support of Arts Council England - Horizon Showcase, Festival Flamenco (Nîmes), Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and for the 78th du Festival d'Avignon: British Council's United Kingdom/France Spotlight on Culture 2024
Résidencies Factoría Cultural Instituto de Cultura y las Artes de Sevilla, Dance4 (Notthingham), Centro de Creación y Artes Vivas El Graner (Barcelona), Festival Flamenco (Nîmes), Bienal de Flamenco (Sevilla), Teatro de la Maestranza (Sevilla), Sala La Fundición (Sevilla)

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