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Alistair McDowall , Vicky Featherstone and Sam Pritchard

United Kingdom / Created in 2023

When the Royal Court Theatre shines a spotlight on Alistair McDowall: three monologues for a single actress, three women who try to understand themselves by telling their stories. 

all of it, Alistair McDowall , Vicky Featherstone et Sam Pritchard, 2023 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


This year, the Royal Court Theatre is shining a light on the writing of Alistair McDowall. As a place dedicated to contemporary writers, the London Institution is supporting him in his desire to venture into different territory, something more intimate and poetic. With these three monologues, all written for the same actress, Kate O’Flynn; the Manchester-born playwright has shifted his approach, his point of view – to an audience encounter with a sole person on stage. “While Northleigh, 1940 focuses on a being reduced to living in constrained spaces—from a bomb shelter to a small house—as in a series of small boxes, In Stereo fractures the existence of a woman at several points in her life, and all of it shows us a life without edges or frame.” Introduced to three female characters, we experience the ordinariness of their lives and the extraordinary imaginative worlds through which they escape the mundanity of being human. This artistic proposition from the writer was so beguiling as to convince Vicky Featherstone and Sam Pritchard to work together for the first time as co-directors to make it happen. A trilogy born from collaboration.

all of it by Alistair McDowall is published by Methuen Drama.

Interview with Vicky Featherstone et Sam Pritchard


With Kate O'Flynn
Text Alistair McDowall
Stage direction Vicky Featherstone, Sam Pritchard
Designer Merle Hensel
Lighting Designer Elliot Griggs
Sound Artist and composer Melanie Wilson
Video Designer Lewis den Hertog
Lighting and Video Operator Johnny Wilson
Surtitle operator Naomi Obeng
Stage Manager David Palmer
Deputy Stage Manager Charlotte Padgham
Production Manager Simon Evans
Translation for surtitles Harold Manning
Producer Sarah Georgeson


Production Simon Evans, Sarah Georgeson
Royal Court Theatre (London)
With the support of Arts Council England and for the 77th edition of the Festival d'Avignon: British Council

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