La matinale - 15 July

  • Café des idées
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Alistair McDowall, Vicky Featherstone et Sam Pritchard, Boris Vedel

La matinale © Festival d'Avignon - Alexandre Quentin


The Festival's "matinale" is a regular meeting at the Café des idées around the shows of the programmes. The artists under the spotlight at the Festival answer the questions of Olivia Gesbert and Zineb Soulaimani (alternately).


With Alistair McDowall author, Vicky Featherstone and Sam Pritchard director of all of it, Pascal Paradou for Ça va, ça va le Monde ! accompanied by Gaëlle Bien-Aimé, winner of the Prix RFI Théâtre 2022, Boris Vedel director of Printemps de Bourges

Animated by Olivia Gesbert

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The 2023 archive

Harvest - Trilogy 72

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The 2023 archive