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Kubra Khademi

Lille - Paris

An Afghan artist who came to France as refugee, Kubra Khademi brings together epic stories, classic poetry, and slogans chanted by Afghan women in her new series. A feminist and poetic manifesto.

First but not Last Time in America © Land Mine, Grenade, Kubra Khademi


An Afghan artist who came to France as a refugee in 2015, Kubra Khademi is a feminist who draws inspiration for her paintings and performances from the situation in her country. Her depictions of women do not arise from the desire to show their nudity, but from the natural urge to portray the freedom of bodies. Those women move through mythological tales traditionally devoted to men in Afghan culture, or through situations which break free from the patriarchy with beauty and humour. With her new series, made of cloth and threads, Kubra Khademi continues her creation of a fresco-like world where appear the fights of ancestral tapestries, this time led by women. And their heroic actions are adorned with unique words: Persian poetry, be it epic or modern, or the so-called “below the belly button” popular poetry of Afghan women, as well as the slogans they now chant in the streets against the Talibans. The author of the poster for this year’s Festival d’Avignon, Kubra Khademi leads us into an artistic world which draws its power from its freedom.

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Production Galerie Éric Mouchet (Paris) and Latitudes Contemporaines (Lille)
In partnership with ARTE, France Médias Monde

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First but not Last Time in America © Land Mine, Grenade, Kubra Khademi


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Press conference - 9 July

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