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Exiled Afghan artist Kubra Khademi uses her life experience to create a resolutely political body of work. Invited to the Festival d’Avignon, whose poster she designed, she is also the object of an exhibition at the Collection Lambert

Portrait of Kubra Khademi © Julien Pebrel


ARTE, the European public culture channel, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022! Aiming to bring Europeans closer thanks to culture and to innovative programmes that encourage reflection, it is more necessary than ever. To understand the great upheavals our world is facing requires analysis, decoding, and contextualising. It is in that state of mind that ARTE is supplementing the programme of the Festival d’Avignon with a series of screenings at the Collection Lambert dedicated to politically-committed artists.

Through performance, drawing, and video, Kubra Khademi explores the way the world sees her country: the war, the Taliban, the invisible women. With humour and metaphor as her weapons, she faces violence, disproves popular misconceptions, and asserts her feminist philosophy. With her direct style, she draws powerful and free women. She created the poster for the 76th edition of the Festival d’Avignon. An exhibition of her artworks will be held at the Collection Lambert until 31 August.


Screening followed by a meeting and guided tour of the exhibition by the artist, free entry with reservation at avignon@artefrance.fr

Presented by Marie Labory (ARTE Journal)

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Portrait of Kubra Khademi © Julien Pebrel