¿Qué haré yo con esta espada?

And what will I do with this sword? (Approach of the law and of the issue of beauty)

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The 2016 archive

Angélica Liddell

Madrid - Tokyo / Created in 2016

Some scenes of this show may offend the sensibilities of younger people.

¿Qué haré yo con esta espada? © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Angélica Liddell uses all the tricks of a theatre in which beauty, eroticism, and death are inextricably intertwined to delve into the deepest recesses of human nature. A way to try to say what cannot be said. With total sincerity and explosive power, the director, based in Madrid, exposes herself to question herself. And through her heartrending cry of distress, and her deeply human cry of hope, she tries to bring about the triumph of the law of poetry over the law of the State. Terribly disturbed by the violence of Issei Sagawa, the Japanese student who killed and ate his classmate, and by that of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks of November 2015 in Paris, she proposes with ¿ Qué haré yo con esta espada ? (And what will I do with this sword?) a journey from Tokyo to Paris and back, in order to free, inside this fictional world, the homicidal instincts often buried deep within us. With her companions Hölderlin, Cioran, Mishima, and Nietzsche, she goes back to the origins of tragedy and seeks to transform on the stage real violence into mythological violence. Using her power as an actress to express the fragility of desires and do away with bourgeois self-righteous morals, Angélica Liddell leads us to places where tranquillity does not exist.


Text, direction, stage design and costumes Angélica Liddell
Lights Carlos Marquerie
Sound Antonio Navarro

With Victoria Aime, Louise Arcangioli, Paola Cabello Schoenmakers, Sarah Cabello Schoenmakers, Lola Cordón, Marie Delgado Trujillo, Greta García, Masanori Kikuzawa, Angélica Liddell, Gumersindo Puche, Estíbaliz Racionero Balsera, Ichiro Sugae, Kazan Tachimoto, Irie Taira, Lucía Yenes and the participation of amateurs


Production Ianquinandi SL
Co-production Festival d'Avignon
With the support of Community of Madrid and the Japan Foundation, Festival/Tokyo 

Que ferai-je, moi, de cette épée? by Angélica Liddell, translation Christilla Vasserot, is published by éditions Les Solitaires intempestifs.

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