Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell is an author of many plays, direcor, and actress who lives and works in Madrid, where she founded the Atra Bilis company in 1993. Her shows, such as La casa de la fuerza (2009), You are my destiny (2014, part of the Reconciliations cycle), and more recently Una costilla sobre la mesa : Padre & Madre (2020) are meant as a reflection of inner pain, which echoes the evils and violence of the world. In 2013, she was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale. In 2017, she was named Chevalier de l’odre des Arts et des Lettres. Angélica Liddell has presented over nine plays at the Festival d’Avignon, most recently Liebestod. L’odeur du sang ne me quitte pas des yeux. Juan Belmonte (Histoire du Théâtre III), performed at the Opéra Confluence in 2021. 

Portrait of Angélica Liddell © Alberto García-Alix

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El funeral de Bergman
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