2014 comme possible

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The 2014 archive

Didier Ruiz

Avignon - Paris / Created in 2014

2014 comme possible, rehearsals picture © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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2014 as possibilities is the second part of a cycle that began in 2013 with youths from Paris and its suburbs around the theme “Adolescence and Territory(-ies)” that Olivier Py and Paul Rondin asked Didier Ruiz to explore. Working with teenagers on the stage of the Ateliers Berthier confirmed what Didier Ruiz had intuited: the territories that are at stake in teenagers' words are much more often intimate rather than geographic. Transposing this experiment from Paris and its periphery to Avignon and its southern neighbourhoods means going beyond the simple dichotomy between interior and exterior. The battlements on which stand the fifteen teenagers from Avignon participating in the show are not made out of stone. They are the walls that cause one's mental space to shrink, that let prejudices take over one's mind, that lead to believing that the questions of youth aren't shared by everyone regardless of age, or aren't worth being heard. By questioning on stage their relationship to one another, but also to themselves, to their bodies, to love, and to their own mortality, they become at once actors and witnesses of what makes them unique individuals. A group arises from this shared realisation of the unique characteristics of those that make it up, of the worth of each individual, and of the fact that they all deserve to be heard. From then on, self-affirmation stops to be a struggle to become a way to simply and fully exist in the world.


Conception and direction Didier Ruiz
Choreography Tomeo Vergés
Scenography Charlotte Villermet
Lighting Maurice Fouilhé
Sound Adrien Cordier
Direction assistant Sophie Mangin

Kévin Amisi, Yann Aroumougom, Youssef Ayadi, Paul Babaud-Dulac, Ilona Bordji, Constance Fréchon, Sarah-Isis Gaillardon, Manon Lehuede, Noémie Luong, Marine Perez, Liova Pinhas, Mathie Puglisi, Margot Reboulin, Dorian Urset, Ihab Zarioh



Production Festival d'Avignon, La compagnie des Hommes
With the support of Vivendi Create Joy, Fondation SNCF, SACD
With the help of la Maison Pour Tous Champfleury, Collège et Lycée Mistral d'Avignon, Association départementale de Vaucluse pour la Sauvegarde de l'Enfance à l'Adulte, Avenir 84, Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional du Grand Avignon, Lycée général et Lycée d'enseignement professionnel René Char d'Avignon, Collège Anselme Mathieu d'Avignon
In partnership with the Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon



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