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How does online booking work?

1 - Log in to your online account. If you do not have an account, you can create one. If you can no longer access it, click on "generate my password / lost password".
2 - Click on the "Buy" button to access the ticketing system
3 - If you wish to buy a discount card (Carte Festival / Carte 3 clés) to benefit from reduced rates, start there! Go to the "Festival Cards" tab. You can buy your cards in advance before the online ticketing service opens.
4 - Then, book your shows, screenings and exhibitions in the "event" tab. Click on an event and select the date and time you want. If the date is in red, it means that there are no places available at the moment. Please note that this tab is only available during the pre-sale on 21 May from 2pm and from the opening of sales on 4 June at 2pm.
5 - You must then indicate the number of tickets you want and the corresponding prices. If you have added a discount card to your cart or if you have already purchased one, the corresponding discounted rates will be proposed. Don't forget to click on "Add"
6 - Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the events you wish to book.
7 - To validate your order, click on the "Cart" tab. Make sure that everything in your order summary conforms to your wishes. Select the "e-ticket" withdrawal mode and proceed with the online payment.
8 - You will receive your order confirmation by email, as well as your request for proof of entitlement for discount cards (for jobseekers, professionals in the performing arts, under-26s, students and recipients of minimum social benefits).
9 - A page opens with a summary of your purchases and tickets. You can retrieve your tickets at any time on the site from the home page by clicking on "My Festival" then "My agenda, my tickets".

You can buy several cards in your name and place all orders from your account.

Only you will be able to make subsequent orders to continue to benefit from the reduced rates.

You can find your tickets at any time on the site from the home page by clicking on "My Festival" then "My agenda, my tickets".

Festival Pass / "3 clés" Pass

Valid for 2022 / Pass is personal
Enjoy reduced rates for all the show of the 76th edition online, by phone, or at the ticket office.
Don't hesitate to come directly at the venue of the show with your pass: if there are tickets available at the last minute, you will also enjoy reduced rate.
The Carte Festival and the Carte trois clés are dematerialised and associated to your online account (Cartes Festival tab).This is a virtual pass. Your name and a QR code will allow us to identify you.

  • You aren’t eligible for any discount? Buy a 20€ Carte Festival which gives you access to Carte Festival rates.

  • You are unemployed? Buy a 1€ Carte Festival which gives you access to Carte Festival rates.

  • You are a performing arts professional ? Buy a 15€ Carte Festival which gives you access to Carte Festival rates.

  • You are under 26, a student, or receive guaranteed minimum income? Buy a 1€ Carte 3 clés which gives you access to Carte 3 clés rates.

Enjoy 5% off every purchase at the store on Place de l’Horloge, on our website, and at the Festival’s bookstore at the Maison Jean Vilar.

Specific conditions


Holders of the Culture Pass of the City of Avignon, take part in the following events, in free access (within the limits of available places):

  • General rehearsal of The Black Monk by Kirill Serebrennikov – 06/07 - 10pm

  • General rehearsal of FUTUR PROCHE byJan Martens – 18/07 - 09:30pm

  • General rehearsal of ONE SONG - History(ies) of Theatre IV by Miet Warlop – 07/07 - 10pm

Contact :


Tickets at the Patch Culture rate of 5€ are proposed to students and staff of Avignon University.

Contact : / 04 90 16 25 55


The Festival d’Avignon accepts the regional e-Pass jeunes. To get


Young people aged 15 to 18 are given a credit which they can spend on cultural activities via the Ministry's Pass Culture application: 20€ for 15 year old, 30€ for 16 and 17 years old 300€ for 18 years old

Offers available on the application, at the Carte 3 clés reduced rate, from June 7:

  • Tickets for the following 10 shows: The Black Monk by Kirill Serebrennikov on 12/07, ONE SONG - History(s) of Theatre IV by Miet Warlop on 14/07, My Exalted youth by Olivier Py on 15/07, The Sacrifice by Dada Masilo on 20/07, Told by my mother by Ali Chahrour on 22/07, The Seventh Day by Meng Jinghui on 24/07, Richard II by Christophe Rauck on 25/07, Una imagen interior by El Conde de Torrefiel on 26/07

  • Show + meeting with the artists:

    > A Nest of Ashes by Simon Falguières: show on 16/07 and meeting with Simon Falguières on 17/07 at 1pm at La FabricA.

    > FUTUR PROCHE by Jan Martens: show on 23/07, date of the meeting to be defined.

Offers on

Associations, works councils, school groups, and communities wishing to procure tickets for their members can contact us by April 15 at the latest. (minimum 40 tickets per order)

Contact us

Contact for groups

Are you used to collecting orders from your friends and taking all the tickets when the sales open? This year we are offering you a new possibility to be the ambassador of your group of friends via an internet booking channel open for you from 27 April to 11 May.

How does it work?

  • register via the booking form before 27 April

  • be the referent spectator for your group of friends (one contact person)

  • collect the wishes of your friends

  • enter your group wishes (minimum 40 tickets and maximum 80 tickets) until 11 May

You will receive our answer before 20 May.

Please note that :

  • this is a new web offer for individual spectators, but only open from 27 April to 11 May, before the exceptional pre-sale to the general public. If all your orders could not be fulfilled, you will be able to complete them from 4 June on the web, 7 June by phone or 11 June at the box office.

  • this offer is different from the ticketing dedicated to CSE, associations, schools, social structures, etc.

Information and reservation

Holders of a disability card or MDPH certificate have access to specialised booking and personalised support, please contact us / +33 (0)4 90 14 14 14

You can contact our ticketing service dedicated to professionals
Learn more

The carte Festival is available for €15 for performing arts professionals, upon presentation of proof. This card is available on all sales channels and will allow you to benefit from the carte Festival rate.

For the day's show

  • Tickets are available up until 4 hours before the show, at the Festival’s ticket office.

  • Remaining tickets can then be bought directly at the venue's box office, starting 45 minutes before the show.

  • Passes cannot be bought directly at a venue’s box office.

  • Tickets that haven’t been paid for 5 minutes before the beginning of a show will be made available again. Tickets are oftenavailable up until the last minute…


In 2022, 14 venues have numbered seats:

  • Cour d’honneur du Palais des papes,

  • Opéra du Grand Avignon,

  • Cour du Lycée St Joseph,

  • La FabricA,

  • Cloître des Carmes,

  • Gymnase du Lycée Aubanel,

  • Cour Minérale - Avignon Université,

  • Théâtre Benoît XII,

  • Cloître des Célestins,

  • L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon - Vedène.

  • Gymnase du lycée Mistral,

  • Gymnase du Lycée Saint Joseph,

  • Le Tinel de la Chartreuse CNES de Villeneuve lez Avignon,

  • Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs

In all other venues, seats are not numbered.

Tickets booked using the same name in the same order will be seated next to each other, with a limit of 10.
E-tickets, which include numbered seating, will be available a few days before the event.
Our reception staff will supervise seating and exits. We ask all spectators to remain in their assigned seats throughout the show.
Entry is no longer guaranteed 5 minutes after the beginning of a show
Seats are numbered thus: every row is designated by a letter (A, B, C...). Every seat is designated by a number (even: 2, 4, 6, 8... and odd: 1, 3, 5, 7...)
If the venue is not numbered, placement is free.

You can sit wherever you want, as long as the seat is free.

Seats cease to be numbered 5 minutes before the beginning of the performance.

You can then enter the venue:

  • Depending on availability if seats are no longer numbered,

  • At your assigned seat if they are.