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With Centro Dramático Nacional

Six Talents Adami Théâtre perform two Spanish texts in French for the 78th edition of the Festival d'Avignon.

Talents Adami Théâtre 2023 © Thomas Bartel


Six Talents Adami Théâtre actors read and interpret two Spanish texts in French for the 78th edition of the Festival d'Avignon. Under the direction of author Alfredo Sanzol (director of the Centro Dramático Nacional) and author Sara García Pereda (whose text will be the subject of an unpublished translation), the young Talents Adami Théâtre had the opportunity to rehearse in Madrid at the Centro Dramático Nacional before the performances in the courtyard of the Musée Calvet.

5 July // GRRRL

By Sara García Pereda

A literary prize jury debates the consequences of nominating four women as finalists, a young girl organizes a sit-in on her school's soccer field, a runner forms a traffic jam determined to finish her race, a young woman who has always been served half-and-half decides to eat it all. Grrrl is thirteen stories of resistance with a "so far" in the spotlight. When theories fail, only the roar remains.

Sara García Pereda was born in Madrid in 1994, and holds a degree in Dramaturgy from the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid and a Master of Fine Arts in Playwriting from Edinburgh Napier University. Her plays include Aire Siempre de viaje, Crossing Care co-written in English with Kirin Saeed, with support from the Creative Inclusion Fund, and Esto no es la tragedia de Miriam, written with and for the Fortun Cukis company. In 2023, she is one of the resident playwrights at Spain's Centro Dramatico Nacional. It was during this residency that she wrote Grrrl, published in the Residencias Dramaticas collection, which she will co-direct with Xus de la Cruz in January 2025 in the Sala de la Princesa of the Centro Dramático Nacional.

With Mad Alina, Thomas Bellein, Célia Bouy, Adèle Journeaux, Savannah Rol, Thomas Sagot
Translation by Emilia Fullana Lavatelli, Maison Antoine Vitez

6 July // El bar que se tragó a todos los españoles

By Alfredo Sanzol

Le Bar qui engloutit tous les Espagnols (El bar que se tragó a todos los españoles) is the theatrical account of a personal transformation that symbolizes freedom, at the heart of contemporary Spain. This text defies the expected laws of autofiction as much as of documentary writing. What is at stake here is the history of Spain through the life of a priest who frees himself from his condition, but also that which all Baroque plays on: the individual struggle against the destiny that governs our lives.

For over twenty years, Alfredo Sanzol has been directing his own texts and adaptations of plays from the repertoire. Director of Spain's Centro Dramático Nacional, his productions include Macbeth, El Golem, Fundamentalmente fantasías para la resistencia and La Maison de Bernarda Alba. He has been awarded the National Prize for Dramatic Literature, the Valle-Inclan Theatre Prize and the Madrid Community Theatre Prize. He was awarded the Prince de Viane Prize for lifetime achievement. He has also won eight Max Awards in the Performing Arts (Best Author and Best Show). His work is characterized by its humor, the stylistic inventiveness with which he explores subjects related to his personal experiences, and his constant search for new dramaturgical structures.

With Mad Alina, Thomas Bellein, Célia Bouy, Adèle Journeaux, Savannah Rol, Thomas Sagot
Translation David Ferré, Actualités Éditions
With the support of Centro Dramático Nacional - Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (Spain)

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