What future for the performing arts in 2050? Forecasting on a generational scale

Act 3 - Power to the artists: artists and established powers

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What will be their relationship with the State and local elected representatives?
What influence will they have on society, on political issues and on intellectual debate?

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Act 3 of "What kind of performing arts in 2050?" Artists confronting the established powers. What will be their relationship with the State and its devolution? What will become of the Prince/saltimbanque dialogue? What will their relationship be with local elected representatives and the decentralisation process? What will be the role of intermediary bodies (OGC, unions, etc.), and what autonomy of conception and initiative will they have?


With Anne Bouvier actress and president of Adami, Nicolas Dubourg president of Syndeac, Céline Gallet co-director of CCN de Rennes/Bretagne, , Philippe Laurent mayor of Sceaux, Philippe Quesne director of Jardin des délices, Lucie Saurin General Delegate of the SFA-CGT

Animated by Jacques Renard et Aurélie Romanacce (News Tank Culture)

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