Shared Landscape

7 pieces between fields and forests

With works by Chiara Bersani and Marco D'Agostin, El Conde de Torrefiel, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, Begüm Erciyas and Daniel Kötter, Stefan Kaegi, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Émilie Rousset

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The 2023 archive

Caroline Barneaud and Stefan Kaegi

Germany, Belgium, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey / Created in 2023

Seven artistic propositions to immerse us in the landscape for a day. To be inside and outside all at once. 

Paysages Partagés, Caroline Barneaud et Stefan Kaegi, 2023 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage



From late afternoon to sunset, come spend a day in nature outside of towns and villages to explore the plains and forests of the region and discover seven artistic projects that are so many variations on the landscape. Swiss director Stefan Kaegi, from the German collective Rimini Protokoll, and artistic curator Caroline Barneaud have invited nine European artists to share their vision of the landscape. Musical sculptures, sound creations, choreographic audio tours, subverted picnics, and philosophical plays create an intense collective and participative sensory experience, inventing new pathways within the elements to enter the landscape, get lost in it, and find oneself again. The artists will create landscapes without restrictions, awaken your senses, take the measure of time and space, map out what can and cannot be perceived in situ. They will examine the relationship between humans and their environment and try, for the duration of this collective moment, to bind nature and culture in a different way in order to disappear into the polyphony of the living world. Pujaut will be the shared landscape for this European project. 

Shared Landscapes is part of a larger project, Performing Landscapes, the result of a collaboration with institutions and production structures in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Artists, cultural institutions, and scientists develop a reflection on the notions of art, landscape, and territory and draw a visible and invisible map of the different European places they visit, unveiling the spaces they share through the prism of arts and sciences. A different way of looking at and reinventing Europe together. 

Interview with Caroline Barneaud and Stefan Kaegi

Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll)  
Swiss director working with the German collective Rimini Protokoll, often creates unexpected projects within urban spaces. Here, he invites spectators to lie under the trees, facing the canopy. Headphones on, they listen to a conversation recorded under similar circumstances. A unique immersion into sound for a shift in perspective.

Chiara Bersani and Marco D’Agostin, Italian choreographers and dancers, one with disability, and the other one not, explore together the notion of political body. Over a strange picnic, the shared landscape also turns out to be inaccessible.

Since 2006, the Portuguese duo of artists and choreographers Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz have brought together movement, language, and sound. Heard through an audio tour device, their inner voices and instructions guide groups of spectators through the woodlands, in a choreography which examines the relationship between mankind and nature. Texts, songs, and soundscapes forge a new geometry of those spaces we share.

Turkish Belgian artist Begüm Erciyas and German theatre and film director Daniel Kötter use different media and technologies to create intimate worlds, hybrid and rich. A social and political construct, the landscape they imagine here has been emptied of all human presence, leaving it free to be exploited. The spectators, having become invisible to one another, experience it both in personal and collective ways. 

American composer and artist Ari Benjamin Meyers, based in Berlin, explores the performative nature of music in his work in collaboration with musicians from all backgrounds. Here he wrote and orchestrated compositions for local musicians which will sculpt vibrant cartographies through the landscape throughout the day. 

El Conde de Torrefiel, Spanish collective made up of Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert, is used to staging performances in which texts and “living tableaux” enter in a dialogue, with reading at the heart of the performance. Right before sunset, amid the elements, the spectators are invited to read collectively to understand the landscape, deconstruct it, and reinterpret it. 

French director Émilie Rousset investigates and gathers archives and documentary material she presents through plays, installations, and films. Here she has gathered the words of nature specialists—advocacy officers, farmers, bio-acousticians, etc.—which human performers and a machine re-enact in front of the audience. Those composite visions invite us to probe the links between science, technology, economics, and the landscape.

Interview with all the artists of Shared Landscpaes


With Corentin Combe, Thomas Gonzalez, Emmanuelle Lafon, Clément and Guillaume Papachristou
And the musicians Maxime Atger alternating with Anton Chauvet, Amandine Ayme (saxophones), Julien Berteau (trombone), Téoxane Duval (flute), Leïla Ensanyar (trumpet), Ulysse Manaud (tuba)
And the voices of Henri Carques, Febe Fougère, Charles Passebois, Sylvie Prieur, Oksana Zhurauel-Ohorodnyx
Plays by Chiara Bersani and Marco D'Agostin, El Conde de Torrefiel, Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, Begüm Erciyas and Daniel Kötter, Stefan Kaegi, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Émilie Rousset
Design and curation Caroline Barneaud, Stefan Kaegi
Dramaturgical support for Emilie Rousset's project Elise Simonet
Musical Direction Daniel Malavergne
Costumes Machteld Vis
Props Mathieu Dorsaz
Coordination of Performing Landscape Chloe Ferro, Monica Ferrari, Lara Fischer (Rimini Protokoll)
Artistic assistant Giulia Rumasuglia, Magali Tosato
Stage Manager Guillaume Zemor
General Manager Xavier De Marcellis
Video Manager Nicolas Gerlier, Victor Hunziker
Sound Manager Janyves Coïc, Charlotte Constant, Marc Pieussergues
And the teams of Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
Production and coordination Isabelle Campiche, Aline Fuchs and all the production, technical, communication and administration teams of the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne


Production Rimini Apparat (Germany) and Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (Switzerland)
Local production Festival d'Avignon
Coproduction Bunker and Mladi Levi Festival (Slovenia), Culturgest (Portugal), Festival d'Avignon, Tangente St. Pölten - Festival für Gegenwartskultur (Austria), Temporada Alta (Spain), Zona K and Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d'Europa (Italy), Berliner Festspiele (Germany).
With the support of the city of Pujaut, l'Instant des Mets
With the support of Camões Centre culturel portugais à Paris for the 77th edition of the Festival d’Avignon
Co-funded by the European Union
In partnership with INVR.SPACE GmbH pour les casques de réalité virtuelle Cinema Solution 
Thanks Domaine de l’Aiguilhon, Domaine des Bouzons, Joëlle Bonneau, Monique et Elodie Gassin Didier et Sébastien Jouffret, Louis Soulier

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Pauline Bayle, Caroline Barneaud et Stefan Kaegi, Carolina Bianchi, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

The 2023 archive