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The place

In a landscape of quarries and vineyard, the village of Pujaut sits halfway between the plains and the hills. With its “postcard” terroir crisscrossed with furrows, vine plants, and straight-lined canals, it’s been shaped by agriculture. A spatial organisation that can’t but draw the eye when, from atop the Charbonnière cliffs and the Montagré in the neighbouring town of Villeneuve lez Avignon, you’re looking down on Pujaut.

But alongside this flat immensity, Pujaut looks completely different on the Rhône side. A village on a promontory, with its back against the river valley and its impetuous Mistral, and whose streets and alleyways turn into paths and promenades.

Here you’ll see Pujaut’s third face: the Pelatier plateau. A wooded plateau, its gentle slopes covered in pine and cork oak trees which provide the shade the town was until now so cruelly lacking and which soon turn into an impassable forest. Although you’ll find old traces of human activity, such as the mill or the old military grounds, nowadays the plateau is but a panorama. A panorama stretching towards Occitania, with its landscapes of clay and limestone, and its tantalising vineyard, olive trees, and truffle oaks.

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