10th Rencontres Recherche et Création – What makes our societies

The metamorphoses of our shared world

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With the Agence nationale de la recherche

By bringing together artists and researchers working in different fields, those international gatherings contribute to creating connections between the thought behind some of the greatest works and recent research.
Exploring what makes our societies through the emergence of the human species, the invention of early cities, the feeling of belonging to a citizenry, the forms of collective protection, the recognition of individual rights...

Rencontres Recherche et Création 2023 © Festival d'Avignon - Alexandre Quentin


To analyse the conditions of belonging to the body of the city in the Middle Ages in order to understand the birth of European citizenship, the successive transformations of the forms of collective protection in the face of vulnerability, from Antiquity to the aftermath of the Second World War, the political and environmental determinants of the increase in poverty, or to explore how cinema, from its very emergence, has borne witness to the history of social crises.


Julie Deliquet, director of Welfare director of the Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Saint-Denis

Frederick Wiseman, director, author of the documentary Welfare

Origin, resources and reputation: the conditions of citizenship between the Middle Ages and the modern era
Giacomo Todeschini, Professor Emeritus, Medieval History, University of Trieste, Italy

Administering poverty
Vincent Dubois, Professor, sociology and political science, member of the SAGE laboratory - Societies, actors, government in Europe (UMR CNRS 7363), University of Strasbourg

Social protection at the heart of the construction of societies: a long history
Paul-André Rosental, University Professor, Contemporary History, Director of the Centre d'histoire de Sciences Po (coordinator of the Silicocis and Penser la protection projects, member of the Eurasemploi project financed by the ANR and leader of the From Silicosis to Chronic Respiratory diseases project, financed by the European Research Council - ERC)

Poverty and protection: global dynamics and local specificities
Pascaline Dupas, Professor of Economics and International Studies, Princeton University

Popular heroes, ancient landscapes and solar dramas: an original history of Italian silent cinema
Céline Gailleurd, lecturer, University of Paris 8, member of the research laboratory Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Cinema and Audiovisual (responsible for the research-creation project "Italian silent cinema at the crossroads of the European arts (1896-1930)" (Labex Arts-H2H, EUR ArTeC financed in the framework of France 2030)

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The 2023 archive