10th Rencontres Recherche et Création – What makes our societies

Conscience, perception, and writing of the self

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By bringing together artists and researchers working in different fields, those international gatherings contribute to creating connections between the thought behind some of the greatest works and recent research.
Exploring what makes our societies through the emergence of the human species, the invention of early cities, the feeling of belonging to a citizenry, the forms of collective protection, the recognition of individual rights....

Rencontres Recherche et Création 2023 © Festival d'Avignon - Alexandre Quentin


Understanding the streams of perception, thoight, and emotion that nourish our sensory experience, our individual consciousness, and our relationship to others thanks to literature, history, psychology or cognitive sciences.


Pauline Bayle director of Écrire sa vie, director of the Théâtre public de Montreuil

Dynamics and temporality of the flow of consciousness
Claire Sergent professor of cognitive neuroscience, co-director of the Cogmaster, Université Paris Cité / CNRS (coordinator of the Flex conscious project, member of the CogniComa and IntegratedTime projects financed by the ANR, and leader of the CONSCIOUSBRAIN project financed by the European Research Council ERC)

Private life and common consciousness: writing the world in Virginia Woolf
Naomi Toth lecturer, English literature, Université Paris Nanterre, member of the Institut universitaire de France

Voices of slaves: judicial archives and writing history
Charlotte de Castelnau-L'Estoile professor, modern history, Sorbonne University, Centre Roland Mousnier UMR 8596 (member of the Langas, Indesling, RelRace projects funded by the ANR)

An incessant shower of countless atoms or what can the sensible do?
Thomas Dodman
Senior Lecturer in History, Columbia University, New York

Writing life
Antoine Compagnon member of the Académie française, professor emeritus at the Collège de France, modern and contemporary French literature, professor at Columbia University, New York

The multisensory development of emotions and the emergence of empathy
Edouard Gentaz professor of developmental psychology, University of Geneva, director of research at the CNRS (coordinator of the Family-Air project and member of the IMADOI and Image Tactile projects funded by the ANR)

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