In the time of the apricots

في المشمش

The 2022 archive

Carol Sansour


In the time of the apricots, Carol Sansour, 2022 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


A real poetic tour de force, Carol Sansour’s performance travels through the many experiences in the life of a woman, between solitude and social life, motherhood and childhood memories, politics and everyday life, with always the awareness of being a Palestinian woman. “I could bite the sun/To stop the fire within me from dying/I could swallow a stormy sea/To stop my anger from ebbing/I’ll grasp every single mean I can/To see you without restriction.”


With Carol Sansour, Christelle Saez

Poem Carol Sansour
Dramaturgy Henri jules Julien


Production Haraka Baraka
Co-production Théâtre Cinéma de Choisy-le-Roi Scène conventionnée pour la diversité linguistique
Residency Association Jean Vilar - Maison Jean Vilar
In partnership with France Médias Monde