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The 2022 archive

Noémie Goudal and Maëlle Poésy

Dijon - Paris / Created in 2022

With a video and musical installation and the help of a suspensive artist which exposes the audience to a physical sensation of time, ANIMA tells of the invisible metamorphoses of the landscapes and places with which we coexist.

ANIMA, Noémie Goudal and Maëlle Poésy, 2022 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


ANIMA is the meeting of plastic artist Noémie Goudal and director Maëlle Poésy around an immersive object, with the aim to touch the audience as deeply as possible. Inspired by research in paleoclimatology and studies about our perceptions in closed environments, the two artists question our sensations and our need for spatial and temporal markers. What’s the nature of the dizziness we feel if the horizon, or even the asperity of the ground, is taken away? How unsettled do we become when we can no longer tell day from night? Accompanied by Chloé Thévenin’s musical creation, the video installation in which we are immerged speaks to us of our landscapes and of the invisible metamorphoses of our habitats. Within this suspended installation, performing artist Chloé Moglia moves through the geography of ANIMA, so that we can experience the physical and plastic sensation of time. “What is the present if not an acute moment of feeling? It’s important to us to talk about the convergence of time, with a past that feeds the present which itself is part of the future.

Chloé Moglia
Performer and Rhizome artistic director Chloé Moglia explores through her solo and collective creations a unique suspended world. Her shows and performances play with bodies, slowness, the laws of physics, and vertigo. A defender of embodied thought and of a sensitive representation of physicality, she combines attention and acuity by weaving together physical practice, reflection, and sensitivity.

Chloé Thévenin
A DJ who performs in clubs and festivals, Chloé Thévenin also works in the studio to create worlds and climates and build bridges with other cultures. The albums she produces are like so many electronic self-portraits. She has composed film soundtracks as well as the music to several dance shows. In 2021, she was tasked with creating the new sound design for France Culture.


With Chloé Moglia

Conception and realization Noémie Goudal and Maëlle Poésy
Writing of the suspension and its realization Chloé Moglia
Original music Chloé Thévenin (composition and interpretation)
Set design Hélène Jourdan
Lights Mathilde Chamoux
Costumes Camille Vallat

General and set management Géraud Breton
Sound management Samuel Babouillard
Video and lights management Pierre Mallaisé
Assistants Clara Labrousse, Pauline Thoër
Production management Miléna Noirot
Diffusion Florence Bourgeon


Production Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne Centre dramatique national
Production and scenographic setup of the film Mondes nouveaux
Co-production Compagnie Crossroad, Atelier Noémie Goudal, Espace des Arts Scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône, L’Azimut (Antony and Châtenay-Malabry)
With the support of Rhizome-Chloé Moglia, Fonpeps and Women In Motion, a Kering programme highlighting women in arts and culture and the Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles
Co-host Collection Lambert 

The Phoenix exhibition by Noémie Goudal will be presented at the Eglise des Trinitaires from July 4 to August 28, 2022 as part of the Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles.

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The 2022 archive