• Exhibition

Théo Mercier

Created in 2021

An exhibition, conceived by Théo Mercier for the Festival d'Avignon and the Collection Lambert.

Théo Mercier, Outremonde, 2021 © Marie Taillefer


For the 75th edition of the Festival d'Avignon, Théo Mercier has been invited to the Collection Lambert to use the large basement rooms and the Auditorium of the Hôtel de Montfaucon. There he proposes UNDERWORLD, a veritable biotope organised around a double exhibition-decor and performance arrangement.


Conception Théo Mercier
Lights Victor Burel, Paolo Gérard et Théo Mercier
Music and sound Pierre Desprats, Rebeka Warrior
Sound Vanessa Court
Snd sculptures Enguerrand David
Assistant for the manufacture of artworks and accessories Célia Boulesteix, Rémi Gaubert et Robinson Guillermet
Associate curator Stéphane Ibars 

General stage management François Boulet
Studio manager and artistic advice Céline Peychet (Studio Théo Mercier)


Co-directed by Studio Théo Mercier et Collection Lambert en Avignon
With the support of the Fondation Emerige and the Fondation des artistes

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Théo Mercier, Outremonde, 2021 © Marie Taillefer