Stories of bananas, rice, tomatoes, peanuts, palm trees. And fruits, sugar, chocolate.

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The 2021 archive

Eva Doumbia

Elbeuf - Marseille - Abidjan / Created in 2021

Bringing together theatre and smells, music and flavours, this show reminds us of a colonial history still at play in our kitchens.

Autophagies - Stories of bananas, rice, tomatoes, peanuts, palm trees. And fruits, sugar, chocolate, Eva Doumbia, 2021 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Upon entering the room, the audience immediately realises that something is different. Traditional disciplines are indeed joined by another, widely popular one: cooking. Alongside a busy chef-actor, a musician, a dancer/ kitchen assistant, two dancer-actress, and even a mistress of ceremony lead us to a place somewhere between Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas where all the ingredients come together for a great celebration of the senses. But with this show she thinks of as a “documentary Eucharist,” director Eva Doumbia also encourages us to think about the political dimension of food. Reflecting with humour and tenderness on their origins and modes of culture, foodstuffs, here given voice, challenge common preconceptions to change what we think of as having “always been,” as “established fact.” Are we really from here when we've been brought or changed by a history marked by colonisation, exploitation, and slavery? Are we really from there when even the soil rejects us? A show which might well make us change our diet for good!


With Alexandre Bella Ola, Bamoussa Diomande, Lionel Élian, Angelica-Kiyomi Tisseyre, Olga Mouak

Text Eva Doumbia, Armand Gauz
Direction Eva Doumbia
Cooking Alexandre Bella Ola
Music Lionel Élian
Choreography Massidi Adiatou
Lights Stéphane Babi Aubert
Stage design, costumes, accessories Sylvain Wavrant
Video Sandrine Reisdorffer
Images capture Charles Ouitin, Lionel Elian
Sound Cédric Moglia
Outside view Fabien Aïssa Busetta
Assistant direction and dramaturgy Karima El Kharraze

General stage management Loic Jouanjan
Production management Cerise Praxy, Nayla Mamouni


Production La Part du Pauvre/Nana Triban
Co-production Théâtre du Nord, Théâtre du point du jour (Lyon)  
With the support of the Drac Normandie, Ville d’Elbeuf, Les Grandes Tables (Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille), Fonds d'insertion pour jeunes artistes dramatiques, Consulat de France à la Nouvelle Orléans, LSU (département Francophonie à Bâton-Rouge, États-Unis), Ambassade de France aux États-Unis, Commission internationale du Théâtre Francophone, FACE fondation
With the help of Anis Gras-Le Lieu de l'autre (Arcueil), Fundamental Monodrama Festival (Luxembourg), Kumaso (Bamako), N'Soleh (Abidjan), Centre Social de la Savine (Marseille), Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-Montfermeil)
In partnership with France Médias Monde
Thanks to Théâtre de la Joliette

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Dialogue with Eva Doumbia

About the show Autophagies - Stories of bananas, rice, tomatoes, peanuts, palm trees. And fruits, sugar, chocolate.
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The 2021 archive

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