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The 2021 archive

With Denise Chalem, Marlen Haushofer, Lola Lafon, Pierre Notte, Eva Doumbia

The Maison Jean Vilar proposes, this year exceptionally outside its walls, round tables with authors whose works are played on the stages of the Festival d'Avignon. A time of conversation with the audience, in order to discover the Festival from a book point of view.

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  • Un homme qui boit rêve toujours d’un homme qui écoute by Denise Chalem
    Reading scheduled on July 22 for the Souffle d'Avignon

  • The Wall by Marlen Haushofer, with Lola Lafon
    Directed by Lola Lafon and Chloé Dabert, from July 21 to 23 at the Festival d'Avignon, and on July 17 as part of the Contre Courant festival

  • Comme nous pardonnons aussi by Pierre Notte
    Reading scheduled on July 25th at Le Souffle d'Avignon

  • Autophagies by Eva Doumbia
    Directed by Eva Doumbia, from July 14 to 20 at the Avignon Festival


Hosted by journalists from the magazine Théâtre(s)
Proposed by the Association Jean Vilar
In partnership with the magazine Théâtre(s) and specialized publishers
With the support of SACD, Sofia

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Stories of bananas, rice, tomatoes, peanuts, palm trees. And fruits, sugar, chocolate.
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  • Eva Doumbia

The 2021 archive

The Wall

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  • Lola Lafon
  • Chloé Dabert

The 2021 archive