Léonie and Noélie

de Nathalie Papin

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The 2018 archive

Karelle Prugnaud

Brive / Created in 2018

Léonie and Noélie are sixteen and identical twins. One night, because people are trying to tear them apart, they decide to set fire to the world below.

Léonie and Noélie © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Léonie and Noélie are sixteen-year-old identical twins. From the roof of a building, they watch the fire they started and assess the challenges they've almost mastered. For one of them, it's complete mastery over words. For the other, stegophilia, the void, and action. They are engaging in an extreme performance to overcome their childhood humiliations. Léonie and Noélie, written by Nathalie Papin, is a meditation about the other, its mirror, its wholeness and its emptiness, its loneliness and its desire to stand out. By inviting Karelle Prugnaud to adapt this text about the powers and ambiguities of twinship, the writer found a possible double in this performer in love with immediateness. To speak to this budding audience, they call on the absolute of childhood, the vertigo of the stage, and the animality of urges. “It's also about the desire of a child to break away from his or her environment when his or her dreams cannot properly unfold there.” Nathalie Papin

Karelle Prugnaud
From her training as an acrobat, Karelle Prugnaud has kept the energy and the wonder of the moment. She quickly turned her attention to directing and started working with Eugène Durif within the company L'envers du décor, bringing together theatre, performance art, and circus. In 2017, she became artist-in-residence at the Scène nationale de Dieppe, where she directs the performance art festival Tous azimuts.

Nathalie Papin
A major writer in the world of theatre for young audiences (Eat Me, The Land of Nothing, When I'm 1001...), Nathalie Papin has also written plays for adults. She believes that writing for children is essential, because they demand a form of consistency that keeps everything fluid and constantly reconfiguring. In 2016, Léonie and Noélie won the Grand Prix Artcena for dramatic literature for young audiences.


With Justine Martini, Daphné Millefoa, Yoann Leroux,
Simon Nogueira

Text Nathalie Papin
Direction Karelle Prugnaud
Dramaturgy Nathalie Papin et Karelle Prugnaud
Stage design Thierry Grand
Lights Emmanuel Pestre
Music and sound Rémy Lesperon
Video Tito Gonzalez-Garcia, Karelle Prugnaud
Costumes and assitant direction Antonin Boyot-Gellibert


Production Compagnie L'envers du décor
Coproduction Oara Nouvelle-Aquitaine, La Rose des vents Scène nationale Lille Métropole, Scène nationale Tulle / Brive,  Dieppe Scène nationale, Le Grand T théâtre de Loire Atlantique, Festival d'Avignon, Théâtre des 4 Saisons Scène conventionnée de Gradignan, Scène nationale d'Aubusson, La Coursive Scène nationale de La Rochelle, Scène nationale d'Albi, Gallia Théâtre Scène conventionée de Saintes, Espace des arts Scène nationale Chalon-sur-Saône
With the support of the CCAS les Activités sociales de l'énergie, Ministère de la Culture Drac Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Cie Florence Lavaud and for the 72th edition of the  Festival d'Avignon : Spedidam

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