Authors' voices with SACD: Asli Erdogan

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Writers’ Voices: come meet Asli Erdogan
Authors' voices with SACD: Asli Erdogan © DR


Turkish writer Asli Erdogan was jailed for her words and books, for wanting to give a voice to victims and make us hear their silent screams, convinced that “words are a form of resistance and resurrection.” She will be surrounded by artists of her own choosing.


The figure of Orpheus appears throughout this programme, built around literary and dramatic texts. With different actors lending them their voices and bodies, the texts we have chosen rescue people, characters, events, and memories from oblivion. And they anchor us in history. We call on the ancient great Ovid and Aristophanes, creating a dialogue between their work and that of modern writers like Elfriede Jelinek and Asli Erdogan. Women who chose to speak against the darkness and to make us hear “the silent screams of the victims,” regardless of country or time.


Avec Amira Casar
Accompanied to the saxophone by
Géraldine Laurent
Texts chosen with the complicity of Timour Muhidine, director of the Turkish Letters collection


Coordinated by Blandine Masson

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Cour du Musée Calvet © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


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