Comment ai-je pu tenir là-dedans?

a fable by J. Lambert-wild et S. Blanquet

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The 2010 archive

Jean Lambert-wild

Caen - The Réunion Island / Created in 2010

Show for audiences age 7 and up.

Comment ai-je pu tenir là-dedans ? © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


It is based on one of the most amazing stories in the collection Letters from My Mill that Jean Lambert-wild has built a show for all publics to present the tragic story of a little goat, that of Mr. Seguin, madly in love with freedom and wide-open spaces. Alphonse Daudet takes his readers along on an itinerary of initiation, from childhood to adulthood, more mysterious and sinuous than it first appears. In his desire for freedom and adventure, the heroine transgresses prohibitions of every kind. This little goat, who by perching on a small hill believes that she is all powerful as she looks at the world she has discovered at her feet, is similar to children who when they grow up want to make the world that surrounds them the land of every experience, without any fears or obstacles, so thirsty are they for discoveries, encounters, wonderful and exciting adventures. If Alphonse Daudet, as a good disciple of Aesop and La Fontaine, used the animal world to talk about the human, Jean Lambert-wild in his theatre reverie, also uses the human to talk about animality. He gives the goat's "role" to an artist who, through amazing gestural and corporeal work knows how to move and trouble us. Alongside her, we cross the marvellous landscapes invented by the plastic artist Stéphane Blanquet for this fairy tale-like and surprising journey that is in no way a realistic illustration of a tale, but a genuine fantasy that addresses the imagination of each spectator, big or little. While being aware right from the beginning of the inexorable end that awaits the heroine, we are mysteriously fascinated by the little goat's desire for life, by her will to go beyond the restrictive laws that people wish to impose on her, through the incredible strength that she shows in avoiding a predetermined path and enjoying the world's pleasure that Mr. Seguin wanted to deprive her of for her own good. JFP


director Jean Lambert-wild
music supervisor Jean-Luc Therminarias, Léopold Frey
scenographer Stéphane Blanquet et Jean Lambert-wild
assistant scenographer Thierry Varenne
lighting Renaud Lagier
sound designer Christophe Farion
costumes and accessories Olive
voice André Wilms

with Silke Mansholt


production Comédie de Caen Centre dramatique national de Normandie

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