Jean Lambert-wild

If Jean Lambert-wild does not neglect authors like Pasolini, Kafka and, today, Alphonse Daudet, most of his work is part of an enormous project that he launched in 1990 and that he likes to call his "hypogeum": his "tomb". A work that the author, a director and performer, sculpts year after year. In total, three confessions, three threnodies, two exclusions, a dithyramb and 326 calentures were to emerge and unroll the thread of a fantasized biography. An private adventure that he has always carried out in a group, first with the Coopérative 326, founded in 1998 with the composer Jean-Luc Therminarias, then at the Centre dramatique national de Caen, which he has directed since 2007. For Jean Lambert-wild, the theatre is by essence a "multi-medium" art, the place where all the signs of all the disciplines can be expressed and make sense. For each of his projects he therefore puts together a team, made up of loyalties - Jean-Luc Therminarias is involved in all his shows - and renewed collaborations. An ardent defender of the opening of theatre practice to other fields, from new technologies to philosophy by way of magic, Jean Lambert-wild puts the pooling of artistic, technical and scientific competences at the heart of his work in order to explore new theatre, musical, scenographic or poetic perspectives. What results are plays that radically change narration codes as well as  those of performance and carry off the spectator to lands where illusion has all its place to question the real. In 2005, Jean Lambert-wild presented Mue, Aegria Sommnia and My Story is not a Loft at the Festival d'Avignon.

JFP, April 2010