Robin Renucci

Trained at the école Charles Dullin, then at the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, where he now teaches, Robin Renucci is an actor and director known for his numerous roles in cinema, theatre, and television, and has been celebrated for his engagement with, among others, the Aria (Association for International Artistic Encounters), which he founded in 1998 in Corsica. A self-described “professional amateur,” Robin Renucci puts at the heart of all his projects his desire to share and transmit the love of art, and the possibility for everyone to experience it. As director of the Centre dramatique national Les Tréteaux de France since 2011, he has been invited to speak and perform in all sorts of contexts. After a cycle of shows about submission and debasement (August Strindberg's Miss Julie, but also Molière's The School for Wives and Eugène Ionesco's The Lesson, both directed by Christian Schiaretti), his recent creations have focused on the relationship between work and wealth (Honoré de Balzac's Le Faiseur; L'Avaleur, based on Jerry Sterner's Other People's Money). Childhood at Work is part of this newest cycle.  

Portrait of Robin Renucci © portrait Olivier Pasquiers