Paul Puaux

Paul Puaux met Jean Vilar in 1947 during the first "Semaine d'Art Dramatique" in Avignon.

From 1963, Jean Vilar worked in collaboration with Puaux for the future development of the Avignon Festival. He became his permanent administrator in 1966.

When Jean Vilar died in 1971, he took on the full responsibility of the Festival.

In 1979, he decided to close the chapter of thirty-three years working for the Festival. The same year, he opened the Association Jean Vilar and in association with the department of Performing Arts at the Bibliothèque Nationale (National Library), the Maison Jean Vilar where are gathered collections in relation to the life and works of the Festival's founder.

Paul Puaux passed away on 27th December 1998.

Paul Puaux © Marc Enguerand