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By Heart, Tiago Rodrigues, 2023 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Supporting the Festival d’Avignon means...

To support the production of excellent works of national and international renown; to enable the Festival to be a laboratory for innovation and transmission; to work towards greater accessibility, inclusion and representativeness of audiences and artists; to bring together a cultural Europe that is innovative, supportive and open to the world; to promote an environmentally and socially responsible approach to performing arts that sets an example.

For each of those propositions, the Festival d'Avignon needs the help of its faithful sponsors—individuals, companies, and foundations. Thanks to your donations and commitment, you help make the Festival d’Avignon a place of creation and inspiration for generations to come.

You are a company or a foundation

By becoming a sponsor of the Festival d’Avignon…

  • You share the Festival’s values: challenge, innovation, openness, environmental responsibility, inclusion;

  • You express your societal commitment as a socially-responsible company anchored in its region;

  • You help make culture accessible to all by supporting artistic creation, artistic education programmes, and the diffusion of works and ideas;

  • You strengthen your company’s image both within and without;

  • You gain access to an exceptional framework to exchange with your clients and collaborators;

  • You associate your company to the life of the Festival

Join the Cercle des entreprises mécènes (support from €4,000 to €25,000) and be involved in the life of the Festival throughout the year, or build a tailor-made project enabling us to implement or accelerate artistic, educational and socio-artistic, heritage or environmental projects, reflecting your commitment as a responsible company.

Your support for the Festival d'Avignon can take the form of financial patronage or sponsorship, in kind or in skills.

Céline Saad, Head of sponsorship and partnership

You are an individual

Join the Cercle des mécènes (support from €500 to €6000) and help make the Festival d'Avignon a place of creation and inspiration for generations of artists to come, and a place for everyone to share and celebrate the performing arts!

Your benefits:

  • Involvement in the life of the Festival throughout the year (press conferences, presentation of the new edition)

  • Early access to show bookings and personalised advice on the choice of shows (depending on your level of support)

  • Invitations to opening nights and the Cercle reception during the Festival

JOIN US (online donatioN)

Céline Saad, Head of sponsorship and partnership

Prestige Evenings

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Avignon Festival with our Prestige Evenings!

Offered at the Palais des papes and the Carrière de Boulbon, the Prestige Evenings allow you to invite your clients, friends or colleagues to a legendary Festival venue for a cocktail reception or dinner before the show.

The evening includes:

  • A cocktail reception or dinner before the show,

  • A first-class seat for the show

  • A personalized welcome for your guests

Price per person

Prestige evening - Seated dinner

300€ excl. VAT - 270€ excl. VAT for corporate partners

Prestige evening - Cocktail reception

210€ HT - 170€ HT for partner companies

Conditions: minimum 6 people / maximum 29 people.
Privatization possible for groups of 30 or more (dates on request).

Calendar 2024

  • July 5: Dinner in the Cloister gallery of the Palais des Papes prior to Dämon, El Funeral de Bergman by Angélica Liddell

  • July 9: Cocktail reception in the Jardins Benoit XII of the Palais des Papes prior to Mothers - A Song for Wartime by Marta Górnicka

Céline Saad, Head of sponsorship and partnership

They support us

The Crédit Coopératif Foundation acts at the forefront and in the wake of the bank that created it, to support the innovations of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) at the service of transitions. Because the ecological emergency and social fractures are the major challenges of our time and because the SSE is a pioneer of solutions, the Foundation supports projects that help the SSE to grow and strengthen its influence for a fairer and more united society, in harmony with the planet.

The Fondation Crédit Coopératif has been the main sponsor of the Festival d'Avignon since 2011. This loyal relationship is based on a shared conviction: that popular attendance of the performing arts is an essential driver of citizen emancipation and the collective imagination that the world needs.

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By becoming a major sponsor of the Festivall d'Avignon and the La FabricA project, AXA and the Mutuelles AXA are supporting a not-to-be-missed event in French and international cultural life, which attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators every year. It's a unique event that places the performing arts at the heart of a historic heritage.

Through our support for artistic creation, we wish to affirm, in the tradition of Jean Vilar and in line with the vision of Tiago Rodrigues, our commitment to a more inclusive society. Art will always be, and today even more so, a catalyst for social inclusion. We are proud to be associated for the next three years with a project that illustrates more than ever our raison d'être: "Acting for human progress by protecting what matters".
Guillaume Borie, CEO, AXA France

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“Our gestures define us and show who we are.” Every commitment made by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès is guided by this single, unifying conviction. Put another way, by acting for the well-being of all, we grow and become better human beings. The Foundation puts in place the necessary conditions for the transmission of skills and know-how, the creation of new work across the arts, of social solidarity and the protection of our environment, through several programmes designed to accompany its beneficiaries as they build tomorrow’s world.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports Transmission Impossible, an immersion, exchange, and research project for young artists and performing arts students taking place within the Festival d’Avignon. This postgraduate project brings together many young talents of the theatre arts supported by of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès as part of its Artists in the Community programme programme, wich aims to promote access to the performing arts professions with particular attention to the issue of equal opportunities.

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Profoundly attached to the world of dance since its origins, the High Jewelry Maison has strengthened its commitment in 2020 with the creation of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels. Guided by the values of creation, transmission and education, this initiative aims to support artists and institutions in presenting choreographic heritage, while encouraging new productions. Since its launch, Dance Reflections has supported numerous dance companies in their creations as well as multiples institutions in the presentation of their works on the international stage. Since 2022, the program is reinforced each year by major events, such as the Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels Festival. In addition to supporting the creation and promotion of choreographic works, Dance Reflections places increasing importance on transmission and education issues. The initiative participates in actions to raise awareness of choreographic culture and organizes artistic residencies for all audiences, professionals, and amateurs alike. Its network, now consisting of 45 partners from 14 different countries, continues to grow further with each project.

Dance Reflections by Van & Arpels is accompanying the Edition 2024 of the Festival d’Avignon by supporting the creation and the presentation of Noé Soulier’s Close Up and Boris Charmatz’s Forever.

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Ammodo supports the development of arts, architecture and science by contributing to innovative projects and cutting-edge scientific research.
Ammodo supports the creation of two new productions for the 2024 edition of Festival d’Avignon. These are Mothers by Marta Gornicka and Damon, El Funeral de Bergmann by Angelica Liddell.

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AFD contributes to implement France’s policies of sustainable development and international solidarity through its financing activities for the public sector and NGOs, its research and publications (AFD Editions), its training in sustainable development (AFD Campus), and its awareness-raising actions in France. Climate, biodiversity, peace, education, urban development, health, governance, culture… AFD teams are involved in more than 3250 projects and 115 countries.

AFD and the Festival d'Avignon have entered into a partnership to strengthen the Festival's sustainable and international dimension with Ça va, ça va le monde! - RFI, make it a place for debate and thought the Café des idées and open it up to a wide range of actors and audiences with Making Waves Avignon.

MAIF has developed a mutual insurance model centred on people, in which the expectations of its members, the aspirations of its employees, the protection of the environment and the long-term interests of the company are all aligned. This is the whole point of the "mission company" status adopted in 2020.

Because culture enriches and brings people together, and as the leading insurer of associations, MAIF supports the structures in this sector and acts to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

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Through our network of 11 cooperatives spread all over the French territory, we empower citizens, public entities and companies in the energy sector. The cooperatives act to make the energy transition local, citizen-lead and inclusive. They produce and supply renewable and offer energy saving services. Enercoop is highly committed in developing renewable energies, reducing the waste of resources, put humans before profit, develop energy solidarity and support cooperatives
as an alternative.

Enercoop is proud to partner with the Festival d'Avignon and to support its efforts towards a citizen-led energy transition with our 100% renewable electricity supply

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Situated in the south of the Rhône Valley, only 20 minutes from Avignon, Vacqueyras is a renowned wine village. Nestled between vineyards, wooded hills and valleys, protected by the famous Dentelles de Montmirail massif which overlooks the village, the Vacqueyras vineyards cover 1,460 hectares. Thanks to its diversity of soils and terroirs, the appellation is made up of 3 colours: red Vacqueyras (94%), white (5%) and rosé (1%). Since 1998, Vacqueyras has been supporting the Festival d'Avignon as part of its commitment to the attractiveness and cultural influence of its region. The Cru has been honoured to be the "Official Cru of the Festival d'Avignon" for 25 consecutive years, in recognition of the know-how of the winegrowers. For each edition, 3 Vacqueyras vintages are selected and given a collector's label combining the Festival d'Avignon poster and the visual of the estate.

Avignon, capital of culture, Vacqueyras land of culture. Vacqueyras has been the official wine of the Festival d'Avignon for 25 years. For 25 years we have been honoured to be chosen each year as the wine of the Festival d'Avignon. For 25 years we have been proud to support one of the most important international events in contemporary performing arts, based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. It seems obvious to us that we should be associated with culture, with cultural works. The Festival d'Avignon, a living theatre and a place of artistic expression, just like the Vacqueyras appellation, a place where winegrowers express themselves through their wines.

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Magirus Camiva is a subsidiary in France of Magirus and belonging to the Iveco Group. With the experience, know-how and passion of Magirus, Magirus Camiva in France is one of the main actor in the fire fighting world. With its maintenance workshop for aerial ladders and fire-fighting vehicles, its customization workshop for finishing new vehicles, its spare parts and accessories services and an after-sales service for the global market, Magirus Camiva offer a complete range of fire fighting vehicles and a global offer to firefighters.

Magirus Camiva is the fire safety partner of the Avignon Festival. Extinguishing means have been put in place to prevent fire risks and to ensure the overall safety of the site. Motor-driven pumps with hoses and lances, as well as the new Heliskid, a self-contained structure equipped with its own motor-driven pump and a water capacity of 3000L, will be in service to support the fire and emergency services.

The Casino Foundation supports children and teenagers facing difficult life situations and cultural distance. It has chosen to promote the arts, and theatre in particular, to help them learn and become independent. In this way, it helps to reduce inequalities in education and access to culture for more than 3,000 young people each year. In 2022, the Fondation Casino is supporting the Festival d'Avignon's theatre programme for young people at the Centre Alain Pujol in Le Thor.

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Séverine André Liébaut, Jad Ariss, Julie Avrane, Constant Barbas, Elise Payen et Nicolas Benoist, Cécile et Marc Birling, Véronique et Patrick Blanc, Marc et Isabelle Blanc-Jouvan, Adrien de Blanzy, Pascale Boissel, Mohamed Bouabdallah, Sylvie Boulègue, Sylvie Boulle, Bourgeois Hugues, Catherine Bret-Browstone, Jacques Charpenay, Pierre-Yves Chopin, Catherine Conrath, Bernard Coron, Maxime Coupez, Christine Crémel, Florence Curimbaba, Gaël Delalonde, Aurore Devedjian, Valérie Dionne, Caroline Douchet, André Dufour, Pascal Duris, Bruno Emsens, Philippe Estivalèzes, Julien Facon, Jean-Pierre Fontanel, Laure Fournier-Kaltenbach, Montserrat Franco, Pierre Frange, « Armelle Gauffenic, Fondatrice de la Fondation de Versailles », Bertrand Gaume, Patrick Gaussent et Sophie Gagey, Philippe Gazagnes, Antoine Georges et Sandrine Kott, Arnaud de Giovanni, Jean-Claude Grimal, Laurent-Guillaume et Raphaël Guerra, Jessica Guinier, Mardiros Kaloustian, Elisabeth de Kergorlay, Louis Labadens, Sophie Lacoste Dournel, Eric et Nathalie de Lacroix Vaubois, Laurent Lagadec, Serge Le Borgne – à la mémoire de Patrick Binet, Ghislaine et Alain Le Pêcheur, Julien Lestavel, Michel Lhéritier, Claude Miguet, Corinne Minot, Jean-Pierre Mongarny, Claire Paix, Matthieu Philippot, Thierry Pichon, Michel Pinczewski, Bruno Quint, Nathalie Raffort, Paul-Eric Ranchin, Francisco Sanchez, Louis Schweitzer, Olivier Sibony, Alain et Sabine Taravella, Brigitte Tondu, Joële Bajolle et Denis Trédaniel, Anne-Isabelle et Christiane Tropeano, Jean-Marc Urrea, François Hurstel, Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe, Bernadette Voinet-Bellon, Sylvie Wahl, Isabelle Willot et Jeffrey Edison, Juliette de Wouters-Chevalier, Philippe Zaoui

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