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Supporting the Festival d’Avignon

To welcome great names of contemporary national and international creation in the performing arts, with a focus on gender representation and diversity, including in terms of generations; to invite a different “guest language” every year to create a geopolitics of art beyond administrative borders; to strengthen the link between Heritage and Innovation; to bring together Europe and the world within a “luminous café” conducive to debates of ideas and professional encounters; to give youth the opportunity to experience this event for the first time; to strengthen the ecological and social commitments of the Festival: such are the axes chosen by Tiago Rodrigues for his project for the Festival.

For each of those propositions, the Festival d'Avignon needs the help of its faithful sponsors—individuals, companies, and foundations. Thanks to your donations and commitment, you help make the Festival d’Avignon a place of creation and inspiration for generations to come.

Whatever the nature and size of your contribution, you will play a decisive role within the circles of sponsors of the Festival d’Avignon.

Sponsorship and companies – A guide

By becoming a sponsor of the Festival d’Avignon…

  • You share the Festival’s values: challenge, innovation, openness, environmental responsibility, inclusion;

  • You express your societal commitment as a socially-responsible company anchored in its region;

  • You help make culture accessible to all by supporting artistic creation, artistic education programmes, and the diffusion of works and ideas;

  • You strengthen your company’s image both within and without;

  • You gain access to an exceptional framework to exchange with your clients and collaborators;

  • You associate your company to the life of the Festival

Choosing your mode of support: different forms of sponsorship

Sponsorship is a fiscally-advantageous system available to professionals to support general interest projects and institutions. Through this system, a company can involve its collaborators, its skills, or provide financial support:

  • Skill sponsorship: the company and its collaborators provide the Festival d’Avignon with the professional skills it needs (communication consulting, technical support, training, etc.), free of charge.

  • Sponsorship in kind: the company provides goods to the Festival d’Avignon. Furniture, sets, or materials, the company contributes to the projects and mission of the Festival by helping reduce its spending.

  • Financial sponsorship: the company gives the Festival d’Avignon the means to pursue projects that are more ambitious, more responsible, or on a larger scale, regardless of their nature.


  • Privileged access to shows (booking and seating)

  • Unique exposure as a sponsor of the Festival

  • Events related to the programmed shows to experience the Festival up close

  • Tax advantages (the 1 August 2003 law re: corporate sponsorship entitles your company to a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amount donated)

Company and/or a foundation

Companies and foundations that support the Festival d’Avignon enjoy personalised partnerships. Their constant support is essential to the realisation of our artistic and social projects. We strive, through constant discussion, to build partnerships that fit your values, missions, and projects.

Local companies

Le Cercle des entreprises mécènes du Festival d’Avignon was founded by company directors from the Avignon region in 2006. It is a place where SMEs and micro-enterprises which share artistic curiosity and belief in the territorial and international anchorage of the Festival d’Avignon can come together. Le Cercle allows for a privileged relationship with the Festival, but also with the other economic actors of the region during shared times and public relations operations. Throughout the year, but especially during the summer, Le Cercle offers events revolving around the programme of the Festival: encounters with the artists; backstage visits; priority booking…

  •  If you want to join us: you can download terms and conditions as well as a membership form for Le Cercle des entreprises below

Invidual sponsors - A guide

Le Cercle des mécènes du Festival d’Avignon brings together individual philanthropists and art lovers interested in the unique history of the Festival d’Avignon. They accompany and support the Festival in its policy of creation and openness.

Being a member of the Cercle allows you to experience the Festival more intensely and up close, and to take part in local life. This unique relationship with the Festival is enhanced by personalised recommendations, an exclusive access to the ticket office, invitations to exceptional events (visits, rehearsals, encounters with the artists…), and the possibility to take part in the soirées des Cercles.

  • If you want to join us: you can download terms and conditions as well as a membership form for the Circle of Sponsors below

Access to the online donation

Company events

Throughout July, we provide your company with a custom-made turnkey service with a cocktail reception and a show. An evening of prestige public relations for your clients and/or collaborators. During the year, from September to June (outside of moments of rehearsals and artistic creations), we offer to open the doors of our permanent venue, La FabricA, for your events (conventions, press conferences, cocktails, private concerts…)

In July, during the Festival: An exceptional evening

  • Category 1 tickets

  • Cocktail reception catered by our partners, before or after the show (depending on the length and time of the show)

  • Personalised service provided by our company relations department

To know more about this exceptional evening: click here

From September to June: Your event at La FabricA

We adapt to your project to build together a custom-made event at La FabricA: a room with dimensions similar to that of the stage of the Cour d’honneur du Palais des papes, with bleachers that can sit up to 600 peoples, eighteen bedrooms, a lobby, living quarters, and adjoining technical rooms.

To know more:La FabricA

Cécile Asmar, Fundraising and Partnership Manager