First time

What if I don't understand anything? Will I feel like I belong? Am I dressed correctly?

Faced with these questions that we have all asked ourselves, the Festival works to make theatre accessible to all. The "Fisrt time" project was born out of the desire to answer these questions, to respond to a desire to feel at home or to make coming to a performance more comfortable.

Artistic and cultural education around Le Soldat et la Ballerine at La FabricA, November 2022 © Thomas Bohl

The "First time" project

Attending a show for the first time, going to a Festival for the first time is always an experience. If it turns out to be happy or unhappy, it very quickly becomes an anecdote that everyone likes to tell or a founding event or even a dreaded moment.

The "First time" project is aimed at new spectators who would not have had the idea or the desire or who would not feel legitimate to come to the Festival d'Avignon. By working on the accessibility chain - from information to coming to the shows - "First Time" proposes that everyone feels in their place, and that their First time becomes a Second time!

To answer all your questions we invite you to visit our FAQ or to visit our page dedicated to first time spectators. Also visit our section for English-speaking spectators.

A year-long program

In connection with the artistic and cultural education programmes, the aim is to introduce the performing arts through workshops, a presentation of the programme, guided tours and access to the Festival's shows.

The Festival works on numerous projects that very often involve a first time for the audiences taking part.
A few examples: the À la jeunesse les micros project, the J'y suis j'en suis project or the digital project with Avenir 84. All the projects can be found on the page actions.

Accompanied by our "first-time" mediators, we offer you a number of opportunities to put together your own itinerary. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Behind-the-scenes visits to a Festival venue

  • Pre-show workshops

  • Sharing your feelings about the show

  • Workshop on the Festival archives at the BnF (themed workshop possible depending on the year's themes)

  • Scavenger hunt around Christophe Raynaud de Lage's show photos at La FabricA

  • Meeting with Festival teams

  • Meet the artists at the Café des idées

  • Attend a live radio broadcast/recording

You can also add these events to your show bookings:

  • A guided tour of the history of the Festival with Clément Demontis

  • A screening of a Territoires Cinématographiques film at Utopia

  • A visit to an exhibition at the Maison Jean Vilar

  • A visit to an exhibition at La Collection Lambert

The "Une fois Première fois, toujours Première fois" notebook

Where to find information? How to choose? How to come? How to book?

The notebook is designed to answer all these questions. Recommendations of shows to explanations of shows and visits to venues, the guide is the essential accessory for any spectator who wants to be accompanied during their visit to the Festival.

The notebook will also be enriched by educational resources, testimonials from spectators and artists alike, and much more.