The Lingering Now - Our Odyssey II, Christiane Jatahy, 2019 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Whether this is your first or tenth time coming to the Festival d’Avignon, here is some information to make your experience more pleasant.

To find more information, you can:

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  • subscribe to our monthly electronic newsletter. We advise doing so to receive information about the Festival’s dates, to follow the unveiling of the Festival’s programme, and to be informed of the opening of the ticket office. It’s also a way to receive information about La FabricA and about touring dates of shows that appeared at the Festival d’Avignon.

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If you have any questions,

Finally, to prepare for the Festival, find information about booking and ticket prices, learn more about the history of the Festival, etc., here are some more answers, by theme:

As soon as the programme is unveiled in April, different tools are made available on the Festival’s website. A search engine can help you go through our archives if you wish to find information about previous editions. We also recommend you create an account on our website, which will let you use the following tools:

  • your wish list: it allows you to bookmark all shows you might be interested in, in order to be able to find them quickly,

  • your personalised schedule: you can turn your wish list into a schedule that automatically makes sure all shows are compatible, taking into account not only the duration of the shows but also travel times from one venue to the other,

  • sharing: you can share your schedule with your friends or create one together,

  • booking: you can convert your schedule into tickets as soon as the ticket office opens without having to manually look for each show!

Tip: all those functionalities are also available in the Festival’s mobile app, which can also send you push notifications when tickets become available!

As an individual, you have 4 options when it comes to buying tickets: via our website or app, at the ticket office, by phone, or on the day of the show directly at the venue.

  • If you want to buy tickets on our website or app, we recommend you create an account before the ticket office opening date to create your own schedule, which you’ll be able to turn into an order as soon as sales are open (dates are published on our website and on our social media. Sign up to our newsletter and you won’t miss it).

  • Opening hours for our ticket office (both physical and by phone) can be found on our contact information page.

  • A last, and often effective, option is to go directly to the show’s venue 45 minutes before the start of the performance. There are often last-minute tickets available!

A lot of information is available on the Festival’s website:

  • leaflets for each show, including interviews with the artists,

  • Pièces (dé)montées educational booklets, created by Canopé,

  • video recordings of press conferences and of panels with artists,

  • full live recordings of some performances and excerpts from all works are available in our “Video” section…

All those resources can be found online, on each show’s page.

And if you are in Avignon during the Festival, come meet us for the Workshops of Thought. All artistic teams take part in panels and are more than happy to talk with their audience.

Several options are available to you:

  • if you aren’t currently in Avignon, you can access our archives:

    Festival d’Avignon


    Maison Jean Vilar

  • if you are currently in Avignon, the BnF / Maison Jean Vilar and the Cloître Saint-Louis both offer tours of the history of the Festival (twice a day, in French or English).

    We advise you to either book a tour well in advance or to come at the last moment and try your luck!

  • you own old photographs and want to make them available to the public: we can, along with the BNF, host your collection and feature it on our website.


Directors and choreographers sometimes decide to work with amateurs during the creation of a project. If you want to take part in a unique adventure, we recommend you sign up to our monthly newsletter, which includes all casting calls for amateurs!

A few of the projects involving amateur actors featured at the Festival d’Avignon:

I am by Lemi Ponifasio
Straight to the Heart by Thierry Thieû Niang
Ladies, Gentlemen, and the rest of the World by David Bobée
A Lad’s Word by Nadjette Boughale
À mon seul désir by Gaëlle Bourges

Here’s a list of the venues:

Venues of the Festival d'Avignon


  • for each venue, you’ll find maps including information about buses, car parks, disabled access, and travel times to and from the venue

  • you can use the Festival’s app, along with your phone’s geo-tracking option, to easily find the fastest route to the venue

  • to travel from one venue to another, we recommend using soft transport options and public transportation


If you’re coming to the Festival with your family, you have several options:

  • shows for younger audiences, with reduced rates for children. You can find them easily thanks to the “younger audiences” section in our menu. They most often play in the heart of the city, in the Pénitents blancs.

  • free tours specifically designed for families, led by a cultural mediator working with the Festival d’Avignon

  • a young spectator’s guide is available and contains games, advice, and anecdotes about the Festival, to entertain and educate children and adults alike! It is available to download on our website, and physical copies can be found at the Cloître Saint-Louis.

    Resources: Young spectator’s guide (french)

  • stays for adults and children who want to live to the rhythm of the Festival and in the spirit of the Ceméa:

    Youth centres of the Festival d’Avignon

Children / Teenagers

The Festival d’Avignon is made for you!

  • Two, three, or even four shows for “younger audiences” are available every year, as well as shows that will make you lust for life and want to take action when you grow up! Not to mention classic texts and great authors who so often inspired your favourite TV shows…

  • free tours specifically designed for families, led by a cultural mediator working with the Festival d’Avignon

  • a young spectator’s guide is available and contains games, advice, and anecdotes about the Festival. It is available to download on our website, and physical copies can be found at the Cloître Saint-Louis.

    Resources: Young spectator’s guide (french)

  • stays for adults and children who want to live to the rhythm of the Festival and in the spirit of the Ceméa:
    Youth centres of the Festival d'Avignon

  • and lots and lots of projects: J'y suis, j'en suis or 400 enfants à l'honneur, to see shows with other youths and meet artists, Young culture and web.tv reporters, to learn how to shoot and edit videos about the Festival, Web-radio, to learn about how to create radio shows.

You can find more information about many of those projects here, but also in our monthly newsletter. Sign up for it if you don’t want to miss any registration deadline!

Young adults under the age of 26 / Students

19% of individual festivalgoers are under 30! And according to our studies, our younger spectators like shows they can’t see anywhere else, such as hours-long epics! Who said the young don’t like adventure? And the Festival d’Avignon, well, that’s an adventure…

So if you want to experience it in the best conditions, here are a few ideas to save time and money!

  • if you want to buy tickets, buy the "Carte 3 clés" for 1€ and have access from reduced rates.

  • to plan your stay, download the app of the Festival and activate notifications. When tickets become available, you will be the first to know! And for those of you who tend to get lost, geo-tracking can help you get to the venues safely!

  • if you want to work on a project during the Festival, some activities, like our Young Culture Reporters project, have been specifically designed to help you discover the Festival behind the scenes!

  • if you’re looking for a job, we hire reception staff, custodians, and ticket agents every year. Don’t miss our calls for applications in early April!


If you are a teacher (at a primary or secondary school, or at a higher education institution) and are looking for resources to create a project for your class and/or to come with your students to the Festival, we encourage you to do so thanks to the following options:

  • you can use pre-existing programmes or create an artistic and cultural education programme specifically tailored to your students; we can provide tools to help discover the performing arts and acquire skills such as eloquence, critical thinking, self-sufficiency, or creativity

  • a lot of resources are available to you such as training sessions, educational booklets, online reports or recordings of shows


  • we also have a dedicated ticket office for groups, and you can use the passes created by the city, Avignon Université, the region, or the state to encourage youths to attend shows (you can contact us starting in April)

Social workers and health professionals

If you want to organise a trip to the Festival d’Avignon or spend a day at the Festival with a group, you can sign up for pre-existing programmes or create your own schedule. Don’t hesitate to contact us to determine which shows might be the best fit for your group, and to book tickets (before the opening of the ticket office to the general public):

Youth centres of the Festival d’Avignon (contact@cdjsf-avignon.fr )

There are also programmes designed to help younger audiences (ages 9 and up) discover the Festival:
Resources: Young spectator’s guide (french)

The cultural action of the Festival d’Avignon is part of a universal mission of general interest. Beyond specific projects in partnership with the Ministry of National Education aimed at REP and REP+ schools, the Festival d’Avignon has long collaborated with associations and social centres working on cultural and artistic projects in neighbourhoods targeted by urban policy programmes. If you want to sign up for a pre-existing project or create a programme adapted to your public, contact us:

Learn more about our projects and partnerships with associations and social workers here:
Social field

If you want to come to the Festival with a group:
Youth centres of the Festival d’Avignon with the Ceméa (contact@cdjsf-avignon )

The Festival d’Avignon works in close collaboration with the Ceméa (Training centres for active education methods). If you want to take part in those projects:

Festival and popular education Training, Youth, Region
Youth centres of the Festival d’Avignon with the Ceméa (contact@cdjsf-avignon.fr)

You want to come to the Festival, take part in an artistic and cultural education programme, or create a project with the Festival d’Avignon:

Youth centres of the Festival d’Avignon with the Ceméa (contact@cdjsf-avignon.fr)

Learn more about the Festival’s accessibility policy:
Disabled access


You want to come and organise your stay at the Festival d’Avignon with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or members of your association, and book tickets for a group?

  • a dedicated ticket office for groups is available

  • preferential rates are available

  • there are, however, some specific modalities for group bookings (bookings available in May only, limited number of tickets and performance dates)

To know more: groupe(at)festival-avignon.com

Festivalgoers with disabilities

Every year, the Festival d’Avignon works to make sure that people with disabilities aren’t excluded from culture, and we have been developing measures to respond to individual needs: maps of the venues with access information for people with reduced mobility, training of our staff to better respond to the needs of people with disabilities, increased number of subtitled plays and of electronic glasses with built-in surtitles, audio description…

An accessible website
With FACIL’iti, our website’s layout adapts to the needs of people with visual, motor, or cognitive disabilities. Many profiles are available to fit the needs of as many people as possible: visual impairment, Parkinson’s disease, age-related muscle loss, colour blindness, dyslexia, etc.
For a more comfortable experience, you can now customise the layout by choosing the profile that best suits you.

Access the service

More generally, if you want some advice about our programme, or if you want to book tickets at reduced rates or communicate us your individual needs, you can contact us at:

You want some advice about our programme:Accessibility: Surtitling and French sign language

  • Video of the press conference presenting the programming with english subtitles

  • Naturally accessible shows (dance, visual or wordless) for the 75th edition of the Festival : To go take a closer look, Lamenta, Pinocchio(live)#2, The Sheep Song, Archée, The Sacrifice, The Trilogy of immoral tames (for Europe), any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones, INK, Sonoma

You want some advice about our programme, book tickets for a performance in audio description, or go on a tactile tour of La FabricA:Accessibility: audio description

Places are reserved for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. Please note that the Théâtre Benoît-XII and the Gymnase du Lycée St-Joseph do not have disabled access.
You want more information about the accessibility of our venues, or book tickets for a person with reduced mobility:

Accessibility: access ramps, access maps of the venues

To learn more about the Festival’s venues

Tourism professional

In order for the shows of the Festival d’Avignon to be part of the offer for tourists in the region, we have been developing our partnerships with tourism professionals.

Tourist offices, hotels, hosts

  • Programme: the programme is available at the Cloître Saint-Louis, but also at the Avignon tourist office and the Avignon Fnac.
    You can also download it from our website.
    We can also provide you with leaflets with summaries of the plays both in French and English to give to your customers, tourists, and guests. The deadline to be added to our mailing list is early April.

  • Posters can be sent to tourist offices in April, and can be bought from our online store

  • Ticket office: during the Festival, we send out a daily newsletter to inform you about what shows are available. We also recommend you download our application, which will automatically send you a notification when tickets for a show become available, and you will be able to buy them online wherever you are.

  • Venues: how to come? Where to park? The answer to those questions can be found in our “venues” section, where you’ll find information about distances, car parks, and the fastest way to go from one venue to another.

    Venues of the Festival

  • History: what better time to learn new things than the holidays? You’ll know everything about the history of the Festival d’Avignon thanks to our daily guided tours in French or English.

If you have any question:

Trip organisers

If you want to book tickets or organise an event at the Festival d’Avignon, you have two options:

  • you focus on social tourism and want to introduce your customers to the Festival d’Avignon: we can work together to create a programme that fits your public:

The Festival d’Avignon is a partner of the UNAT. Every year, it provides their members with an activity plan to discover the history of the Festival.