National Hearing Day


Tuesday 10 March 2022

This day is dedicated to hearing health at all ages. The Festival d'Avignon is committed to ensuring that people with hearing disabilities are not excluded by progressively developing adapted measures: accessible communication modes with Acceo, equipment of several theatres with sound reinforcement systems, presentation of the programme subtitled and in LSF....

Acceo © DR

Accessible modes of communication

We enable deaf, hard-of-hearing and aphasic people to communicate with us simply and freely, by telephone or in person, via the Acceo application. Once the Acceo application has been downloaded, users can access one of the three modes of communication below, with qualified operators who accompany them throughout the exchange.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm. In addition to our switchboard, the Festival's ticketing service will also be accessible this summer at the same opening hours as the Acceo operators.

1 - Download the free Acceo application on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
2 - Call us via the application or the link below.
3 - Select one of the services to be connected with an Acceo operator.
4 - The Acceo operator and the deaf and hard-of-hearing user call us and exchange face to face with a hearing person.

Contact the Festival d'Avignon

Communication modes available on Acceo © DR

Surtitles, French sign language, and audio equipment

Many shows are organically accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing spectators, such as dance or mime shows as well as foreign shows with French surtitles.

Every edition, the Festival d’Avignon provides tools for spectators to be able to better navigate the programme. A video in French sign language with surtitles presents the shows naturally accessible to deaf and-hard-of-hearing spectators. However, the whole programme is now available: since 2018, the entirety of Olivier Py’s presentation of the programme has been translated live into French sign language and been made available on the Festival’s website.

The Festival d’Avignon is also equipped with magnetic loop amplifiers, allowing for better audio perception for spectators wearing hearing aids. Individual amplifiers are available at La FabricA year round and at some venues during the Festival, depending on the programme. To find out if the venue you wish to visit is equipped, please refer to the venue's page.

The Festival has committed to loaning this equipment out to its regional partners to provide better services to people with disabilities.

Accessibility to the programme and shows of the Festival d’Avignon for deaf and hard-of-hearing people is supported by Accès Culture. Surtitles and FSL dubbing for the presentation of the programme is done by URAPEDA-PACA. The Festival was able to acquire its audio equipment thanks to the support of Caisse d’Epargne CEPAC.