Health and vigipirate measures

Health measures


If you cannot make it to the Festival due to Covid-19, we’ll reimburse your tickets as long as you contact us before the date of the event (show, visit, exhibition, or screening). (See terms and conditions for more detail)


Health measures in place at the time of the Festival will be strictly observed. Your e-tickets will therefore become available a few days before the event:

1- Upon buying your tickets, you will receive an order confirmation (whether you buy your tickets at  the box office, over the phone, at the store, or on the internet), but your e-tickets will not yet be available.

2- A few days before the show, you will receive an email telling you that your tickets are now available and can be downloaded from your online account.

We recommend you download the Festival’s mobile app so you can log onto your account and show your e-tickets directly on your mobile device (telephone or tablet). You can also choose to be notified when new tickets are made available online if health protocols are relaxed.

If you are coming to the Festival as a group, you can buy your tickets in one order so as to be seated together.


Health measures in place at the time of the Festival will be strictly observed, in accordance with local and regional authorities. Our staff and ushers are there to help you and make sure to answer your requests as fast as possible. You can contact us by phone at +33 4 90 14 14 60 or by email

Health protocols in effect at the time of the event will be strictly followed, in agreement with the prefectorial authority. Please try to book your tickets online as much as possible and download them on your phone or print them out.
Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the entrance to all the venues.
All the venues are regularly aired and cleaned to welcome you in optimal conditions.

Information about booking


In accordance with the Vigipirate plan, please be at the venue 30 minutes before the show at the latest and present your bags for inspection.

It is strictly forbidden to bring the following objects:

  • bulky bags, travel backpacks, suitcases,

  • helmets,

  • firearms, bladed weapons (imitation weapons included),

  • any glass or plastic bottle,

  • any opaque container: thermos, cans, any aerosol or pressure cylinder. Only 0.5 litre clear water bottles and reusable water bottles whose content can be checked are allowed.

  • toxic or chemical products,

  • flammable liquids, fireworks and its by-products (firecrackers, Bengal lights, distress flares…)

Luggage and large bags will not be allowed inside the venues, and no cloakroom will be available.