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The 2020 archive

Israel Galván and Niño De Elche

Tokyo / First time in France

A seeming classical music and dance duo, a deceptively pared-down dialogue… but a form that is above all unexpected and powerful.

Mellizo Doble, Israel Galván and Niño De Elche, 2020 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Fandango cubista, Seguiríyias carbonicas, Sevillanas sentadas… The surrealist titles of the songs that make up this cabaret show, this folie à deux, set the tone. Mellizo doble is a unique and binary proposition, at once classical and contemporary, with one foot in tradition and the other in innovation. Classical, because this duo between a dancer and a singer (and vice versa, depending on the moment) focuses on the energy of two bodies, two voices, two extraordinary presences. Contemporary because this incredible dialogue explodes traditional models. A lively and sharp show without sets or costumes, in which major and innovative artists Israel Galván and Niño de Elche take possession of a space by focusing on the discovery of a new way forward for flamenco. A piece which reminds us that the two men sharing the stage share a desire to escape the lure of pure things.


With Israel Galván, Niño de Elche

Conception and artistic direction Israel Galván et Niño de Elche
Choreography Israel Galván
Music Niño de Elche
Lights Benito Jiménez
Sound Pedro Léon / Manu Prieto

Management Marcos Avilès
Executive producer Carole Fierz


Production Israel Galván Company
Co-production Teatro Conde Duque
With the support of Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) of the Culture and Sports Ministry in Spain and for the Semaine d'art en Avignon : Spedidam

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