Toda la vida, un día

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Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Spain / Creation 2023

A great voice in Spanish popular music, Silvia Pérez Cruz closes the Festival with this concert-event featuring her new album, Toda la vida, un día, in which her writing has been influenced by the words of poets. 

Toda la vida, un día, Sílvia Pérez Cruz © Borja Cámara


Each of Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s concerts is an event. Whether she’s setting Spanish poets to music or performing her most personal texts, the intense voice of the Catalan singer and star of Spanish music touches our hearts, with its proud jazz, folk, and flamenco influences. 

She has been tasked with closing this edition of the Festival with Toda la vida, un día, her newest album, in which she poured—in her own words— “all her life. With as guiding thread the concrete poetry of American great William Carlos Williams, the singer delivers an essential and captivating work, born in solitude to unite other solitudes. 

Silvia Pérez Cruz, gran voz de la música popular española, clausurará el Festival con un concierto en el que presentará su nuevo disco Toda la vida, un día, donde sus composiciones se nutren de la palabra de los poetas. 


With Bori Albero (double bass, keyboards, backing vocals), Carlos Montfort (violins, percussion, trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals), Sílvia Pérez Cruz (vocals, guitar, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizers), Marta Roma (cello, trumpet, backing vocals)
Video and lighting Manager Isa del Moral
Sound Manager Juan Casanovas
Technical support Denys Sanz
Administration Álex Sánchez
Tour management Neus Carreras
Distribution Nicolas Bonnard (Viavox Production)


Original creation El Pez Cruz
Co-directed Festival d'Avignon and Suds, à Arles
Production Viavox Production

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