Peter Brook, Workshop

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Filmed in the intimacy of the director's work, this unique theatrical experience reveals the magic of the creative process.

Peter Brook, sur un film © Simon Brook


How do you teach the arts and creativity? Can we transmit emotion, sensitivity, intensity and passion? How can we encourage young apprentice artists to explore their own relationship with creation, and to fully integrate their own being into their artistic expression, paving the way for a living, vibrant art form capable of touching audiences? In partnership with the Collection Lambert, ARTE invites you into the intimacy of studios and schools to follow dance and theater classes and the lessons of two great masters, Pina Bausch and Peter Brook. A selection of fascinating documentaries and a surprising new series preview, accompanied by meetings with artists and teachers.

Peter Brook, Workshop

By Simon Brook // France - Italy // 2013 // 1h26

Peter Brook, an iconic director of contemporary theater, agreed to lift the curtain on the hidden face of his work and the secrets of his approach. During an improvisation workshop for which he gathered a group of young actors and drama students, he let the cameras into the heart of his rehearsals. This atypical, personal documentary plunges us into the intimacy of the director's work, without disturbing its truth. It brings out the magic of the creative process in a surprisingly visible way. By filming the improvisation exercises proposed and commented on by his father, Simon Brook shares with us a unique human and philosophical experience.

Screening presented by Marie Labory and followed by a meeting with Simon Brook.

Documentary by Simon Brook
Coproduced by Brook Productions, ARTE France

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