Le Beau Monde

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Arthur Amard , Rémi Fortin , Simon Gauchet and Blanche Ripoche

France / Creation 2021 / Impatience Jury Prize 2022

In an uncertain future, a ritual takes place on wooden bleachers: the transmission of a few fragments and gestures of our already “ancient” 21st century.

Le Beau Monde, Arthur Amard, Rémi Fortin, Simon Gauchet, Blanche Ripoche, 2023 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


What will we remember? What will we choose to pass on? What will we keep secret?

Le Beau Monde paints the picture of a future whose name we don’t know. From one generation to the next, utilising an oral tradition, actors pass on the memory and traces of the 21st century. During a ritual with the audience that takes place every sixty years, they share this archaeology of our present. What’s a kiss? A slow dance? A show of hands? What do those gestures say about us, those customs and habits which make up our daily routines without our even noticing them? Forty-six fragments from the old world, reproduced in the new one. Arthur Amard, Rémi Fortin, Simon Gauchet, and Blanche Ripoche — two actors, a musician, and a scenographer and visual artist — have chosen to share their memories in a very subjective manner, and to present us their emotions of today. Their show was awarded the Prix du jury at the Festival Impatience. 

Interview with Rémi Fortin, Simon Gauchet et Blanche Ripoche


With Arthur Amard, Rémi Fortin, Blanche Ripoche
Design Arthur Amard, Rémi Fortin, Simon Gauchet and Blanche Ripoche
Original idea Rémi Fortin
Music Arthur Amard
Outside view and set design Simon Gauchet
Assistant director Thaïs Salmon
Deck design Guénolé Jézéquel
Ceramist Elize Ducange
Costumes Léa Gadbois-Lamer
Technical support and stage management Michel Bertrand
Administration and production Anaïs Fégar, Grégoire Le Divelec - Bureau Hectores
Production and distribution Céline Aguillon


Production L'École parallèle imaginaire
Coproduction Théâtre Public de Montreuil Centre dramatique national, Théâtre de Lorient Centre dramatique national, Tag Grigny
With the support of the city of Rennes, Rennes Métropole, Région Bretagne, Département d'Ille-et-Vilaine, L'entre deux Scène de Lésigny, Ministry of Culture - Drac Bretagne, Théâtre La Paillette MJC (Rennes), Théâtre Paysage de Bécherel
Residencies Théâtre La Paillette Maison des jeunes et de la culture (Rennes), Théâtre-Paysage de Bécherel
L'École Parallèle Imaginaire is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture Drac Bretagne, and supported by the Région Bretagne and the city of Rennes.

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The 2023 archive

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The 2023 archive