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The choice of Philippe Quesne

A programme of 3 short films chosen by Philippe Quesne

Je serai quand même bientôt tout à fait mort enfin by Isabelle Prim © DR


Territoires cinématographiques is a space for dialogue between live performance and cinema, devised in conjunction with Avignon's Utopia cinemas. It's a daily programme of film screenings after which the public can meet and talk with directors, choreographers, filmmakers, researchers and critics invited to the Festival d'Avignon. It's a space designed to explore the intimate relationships that these speakers maintain between disciplines and the world. It's a space where we can take a closer look, from the small to the large, at the themes that are brought to life on stage, on screen and under the plane trees of the Café des idées.

Programme films, the choice of Philippe Quesne

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Elina Löwensohn, Isabelle Prim and Philippe Quesne.
Moderated by Oriane Jeancourt Galignani from Transfuge magazine.

Rien ne sera plus comme avant

By Elina Löwensohn // France // 2022 // 13 minutes

Fragmented memories of a voyeur in 3 chapters: "I grew up" but I'm still falling. "The stalker" who loses his footing. "Memory" and regression.

Je serai quand même bientôt tout à fait mort enfin

By Isabelle Prim // France // 2022 // 26 minutes

Virginia Woolf, Roland Barthes, Frida Kahlo, Franz Kafka, Lewis Carroll and others all kept diaries. What happens when we extract the very last words from these diaries?

Lucifer Rising

By Kenneth Anger // États-Unis // 1972 // 29 minutes

Lucifer Rising exists as an intersection between two filmic ideas, and it is within this intersection that the film gains it’s power: more than any other film, Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising is about spectacle and hypnosis.

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