The Festival d'Avignon and Amnesty International France invite Baltasar Garzón

Human rights, narrative and counter-narrative

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With Amnesty International France

With Baltasar Garzón we will discuss the work of memory, the fight against impunity, the protection of whistleblowers.

Amnesty International France © Alexandre Quentin


To close this cycle of gatherings, we invite the lawyer Baltasar Garzón to speak on the challenges of the narrative in human rights. We will discuss the work of memory and the possibilities of a narrative of victims, the fight against impunity for atrocities committed in dictatorships, the protection of whistleblowers and Julian Assange.


With Baltasar Garzón jurist and lawyer

Moderated by Katia Roux in charge of advocacy at Amnesty International France

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Hacking justice

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The 2022 archive