Qatar: the hidden face of the 2022 World Cup

Human rights, narrative and counter-narrative

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With Amnesty International France

Qatar 2022: sport, money, glitter, but behind it, massive rights violations.

Rencontre Amnesty International France, 2022 © Marie CM Photography


With the World Cup just months away, time is running out for Qatar to change the lives of exploited and abused migrant workers. Since 2010, Qatar has pretended to improve the lives of workers, when in fact a thousand of them have died. Thousands of others continue to live a real hell. Analysis of the stakes and the mobilizations underway.


With Frédéric Lecloux photographer, Ronan Evain Director General of Football Supporters Europe, Carole Gomez Director of Research at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Iris), Lola Schulmann Advocacy Officer at Amnesty International France

Moderated by Guillaume Meurice journalist

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