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Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola

Brussels / Created in 2022

Stories of flesh and of our relationships. A wordless score, precise and burlesque, which leads us straight to the fantastic.

Flesh, Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola, 2022 © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


In this show, the eponymous flesh is wounded and raw, but also tender and, above all, eternally longing for the other. Flesh explores with singular humour the symbolic transfers that take place in our relationships, whatever their nature. It questions the simple gestures we use on a daily basis, and in particular the embrace. To that end, artists Sophie Lismaux and Aurelio Mergola immerse us into four short stories, four modern fables that are nothing less than our everyday tragedies, stuck between our needs for affection and recognition. Their non-verbal theatre with its dark burlesque influences, the trademark of the Sill Life company, leads us to this moment of shift from hyper-realism to unbridled oneirism. Thanks to their unmatched mastery of even the tiniest gestures, they can make us lose all sense of proportion—to our great delight. This Flesh you can enjoy with no restrictions…


With Muriel Legrand, Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola, Jonas Wertz

Conception and direction Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola
Scenario Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola, Thomas van Zuylen
Spatial installation Sophie Leso
Set design Aurélie Deloche assisted by Rudi Bovy, Sophie Hazebrouck
Accessories Noémie Vanheste
Costumes Camille Collin
Lights Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin
Sound Eric Ronsse
Voice-over Stéphane Pirard
Masks and puppets Joachim Jannin
Set design trainee Farouk Abdoulaye
Seamstress Cinzia Derom

Technical direction Nicolas Olivier
General assistant Sophie Jallet
Development and diffusion Claire Alex, Stéphanie Barboteau 
Stage management Rudi Bovy et Charlotte Persoons
Voiceover Stéphane Pirard


Production Compagnie Still Life
Executive production Théâtre Les Tanneurs (Brussels)
Co-production Centre culturel de Huy (Belgium), Kinneksbond Centre culturel Mamer (Luxembourg), La Coop asbl & Shelter Prod (Brussels)
With the support of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Theatre Department, Théâtre national Wallonie-Bruxelles, taxshelter.be, ING tax-shelter of the Belgian federal government, Wallonia Brussels Cultural Centre
With the participation of the Centre des Arts scéniques (Mons) nad Bloom Project
With the help of the Centre des Arts scéniques (Mons), Bloom Project (Brussels), Festival de Liège, du 140 (Brussels)

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