Fighting against gender-based and sexual violence

Legal workshop for professionals and employers

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The 2022 archive

With Audiens

Legal workshop to prevent gender-based and sexual violence.

Cloître Saint Louis @ Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Debate: rights, fight against violence, masked lives, social policy...

For several years, the fight against sexist and sexual violence has been a major concern in the cultural and media sectors. In 2020, a psychological and legal hotline was set up for cultural professionals. As the voices of the public are being heard, how can the prevention of sexist and sexual violence be implemented in the cultural sector?


With Carla Ballivian head of the department for working professionals at Audiens, Emmanuelle Queyroy assistant to the director of professional resources at the National Dance Centre, Carole Robin from the Ministry of Culture, Xavier Schmitt lawyer at Artcena

Moderated by Pascal Parsat Audiens' expert on Living Together

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Our masked lives

Debate: creators' rights, hidden lives, social policy...
  • Professional meeting
With Audiens

The 2022 archive