Les Héritiers de l'avenir

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Jean-Gabriel Carasso

Les Héritiers de l'avenir © reserved rights


It takes place in Maine-et-Loire, in the village of Fontaine-Guérin, with its 1,000 inhabitants, its town hall, its mini-market, its church, its nearby forest, and a garden which turns into a stage every August for the Festival du Nouveau ThéâtrePopulaire! Why would a group of young actors put on a festival of new creations in a garden every summer? What do they dream of? Shot during the 6th festival in 2014, the film combines interviews with the actors, excerpts from rehearsals and performances, and interviews with spectators. A breath of optimism in our troubled times!


Screening followed by a meeting with Jean-Gabriel Carasso and the members of the Nouveau Théâtre Populaire


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Les Héritiers de l'avenir © reserved rights

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