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The 2021 archive

Dimitris Papaioannou

Athens / First time in France

While exploring the complexity of human desire, Ink turns into a nightmarish manhunt, in a world which flirts with the codes of science-fiction and horror.

INK, Dimitris Papaioannou, 2021 © Julian Mommert


The world is dark and flooded. It could be an unknown planet or a black hole. Materials shine and reflect each other, and effects of transparency create illusions and blur our vision. And the flowing water keeps throwing little bolts of lightning… In the middle, a man. He seems to be working to organise, maintain, and contain… but what? Then it’s the accident: a visitor intruding from below upsets this unknowable organisation. There ensue turmoil, tenderness, even cruelty. “It’s first and foremost the story of an ‘Annunciation,’ in a way, that of an angel or a devil.” With this duo which quickly turns into a duel, Dimitris Papaioannou, accompanied by Šuka Horn, plumbs the depths of reality and flirts with the codes of science-fiction and horror. “The space in front of us could be post-apocalyptic or a space of beginnings: the beginning of life, the apparition of desire…” By turning his show Ink into a nightmarish manhunt, the choreographer and plastic artist explores the question of the complexity of equilibriums and of the suffering to which the human subconscious exposes us. Are we always fleeing before ourselves?


With Šuka Horn + Dimitris Papaioannou

Set + Costume Design Dimitris Papaioannou
Lighting Design Stephanos Droussiotis + Dimitris Papaioannou
Sound Design David Blouin
Music Antonio Vivaldi, Donald Novis, Gustav Mahler, Isham Jones, Leo Rapitis, Nick Cave, Sofia Vempo

Creative - Executive Producer + Assistant Director Tina Papanikolaou
Assistant Director Stephanos Droussiotis
Technical Director Manolis Vitsaxakis
Tour Manager – International Relations – Photo – Video Julian Mommert


Produced by 2WORKS
Commissioned and co-produced by Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale + Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia
Tour co-produced by Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
With the support of the Centre hellénique de Paris for the 75th edition of the Festival d’Avignon

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