Cuando pases sobre mi tumba

When you walk over my grave

  • Theatre
  • Cancelled edition
The 2020 archive

Sergio Blanco

Montevideo / Created in 2020

Under the aegis of Eros and romanticism, When you walk over my grave uses biographical fiction to tackle the question of the death wish with subtlety.
When you walk over my grave, Sergio Blanco, 2020 © Nairí Aharonián

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Sergio has decided to die. Not out of despair or pain, but simply because he wants it to end, and to turn this final step into a beautiful and serene choice. Between England and Switzerland, he spends his final days planning his death through regular meetings with two men who will hold his fate in their hands: a young necrophiliac and a doctor and euthanasist. But this isn't just about ending so as not to longer be, but rather about turning his death into a project, an action, and thus a future. Continuing his exploration of autobiographical fiction, a genre that has become synonymous with his theatre, French-Uruguayan director Sergio Blanco creates male figures around his alter ego to tackle delicate questions with subtlety and sensitivity. Assisted suicide and necrophilia are two sides of the same desire. But is this only the end of a man, or the end of a world? Bringing together text, music, and video under the aegis of Eros and romanticism, When you walk over my grave plays like a dirge where death is only rivalled by beauty.


With Gustavo Saffores, Alfonso Tort, Enzo Vogrincic

Text and direction Sergio Blanco
Visual design Miguel Grompone
Stage design and lights Laura Leifert, Sebastián Marrero
Costumes Laura Leifert
Sound Fernando Tato Castro
Assistant direction Felipe Ipar

Voice preparation Pablo Routin
Instrumental preparation Federico Zavadszky
Graphic design Augusto Giovanetti
Photographs Nairí Aharonián
Translation in french for the surtitles Philippe Koscheleff
Production and diffusion Matilde López Espasandín
Press relations Valeria Piana
Diffusion on social medias Matías Pizzolanti
Assistant production Danila Mazzarelli


Production Marea Productora Cultural
Co-production Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas de Uruguay, Festival international de Buenos Aires
With the support of Fundación Itaú Uruguay
With the help of Teatro Solís et Agadu


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