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The 2018 archive

Olivier Py

Performed by prisoners, this tragedy tells the story of a struggle, of a call to dignity.

Antigone © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


After Oedipus's death, Eteocles and Polynices inherit the kingdom of Thebes on the condition that they rule alternately. But when it comes time for Eteocles to cede power to his brother, he refuses, forcing Polynices to raise an army. The brothers kill each other. Their uncle Creon's first decision as a ruler is to honour the memory of Eteocles and to leave Polynices unburied. Antigone cannot accept it. Beyond the judgment of society, her brother deserves to rest in dignity, and she will do anything to honour him with one simple gesture: sprinkling dust on his body. That is why this symbolic text so strongly touched the actors-inmates of the Avignon-Le Pontet prison, “who deeply understood this idea that a man remains a man, regardless of what he's done.” This is director Olivier Py's third creation with them.

L'Arche is publisher and theatrical agent of the text represented.

As part of its policy to make culture accessible to everyone, the Festival d'Avignon has developed since 2004 a partnership with the prison of Avignon-Le Pontet. In 2014, on Olivier Py's initiative, this partnership intensified with the opening of a workshop he co-directed with Enzo Verdet. By directing with and for the prisoners Prometheus Unbound, Hamlet, and Antigone, he gave the opportunity to the actors, with the help of the prison administration, to perform outside the prison.


With the participants de l'atelier théâtre Gryne, Christian, Mourad, Paulu Andria, Pierrick, Redwane, Youssef

Text Sophocle
Translation Florence Dupont
Ateliers de création théâtrale dirigés par Olivier Py, Enzo Verdet


Production Festival d'Avignon
With the support of la Fondation M6, du Fonds interministériel de prévention de la délinquance / Ministère de l'Intérieur
In partnership with the DAP (direction de l'administration pénitentiaire)

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