Juliet begins

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The 2017 archive

Marceau Deschamps-Ségura and Grégoire Aubin

Paris / Created in 2017

Created for the class of 2017 of the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique, Juliet, the Beginning is indebted to Shakespeare and Hugo, but also to Solanas and Nolan. A play about both initiation and liberation.
Juliet begins © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


“If our objective is a society that allows happiness, it won't be possible if we don't fight against (...) all oppressions, which begins by knowing them, proving they exist, denouncing them, presenting them on the stage, and taking them apart, piece by piece.” – Juliet. In a city haunted by social inequalities, the King's death triggers a war for succession, a tearing apart of the kingdom, the overexposure of larger-than-life characters... Hamlet, the disinherited son, rebels when Juliet, a young factory worker, loses Romeo, the love of her life. Wounded by systemic oppression, she demands justice... With its Shakespearean bestiary and its stories of reconstruction, Juliet, the Beginning revolves around the question of the access to power for women and minorities. Written by Grégoire Aubin, a young author as comfortable with method acting as with cinematic editing, and co-directed by Marceau Deschamps-Ségura, who trained as an actor at the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, this epic play was presented to the latter's entire class at the Conservatoire. A work of destabilisation meant to free its authors from text and traditions, this play is, in both form and substance, a motive for challenging social structures. Nothing less.


Text Grégoire Aubin
Direction Marceau Deschamps-Ségura et Grégoire Aubin
Costumes Valérie Montagu
Assistant director Anne-Céline Trambouze

With Gabriel Acremant, James Borniche, Margaux Chatelier, Théo Chédeville, Jean Chevalier, Louise Chevillotte, Milena Csergo, Marceau Deschamps-Ségura, Maïa Foucault, Lucie Grunstein, Louise Guillaume, Florent Hu, Jean Joudé, Hugues Jourdain, Kenza Lagnaoui, Pia Lagrange, Jean-Frédéric Lemoues, Joseph Menez, Sipan Mouradian, Asja Nadjar, Solal Perret-Forte, Maroussia Pourpoint, Isis Ravel, Morgane Real, Roxanne Roux, Léa Tissier, Alexiane Torres et Sélim Zahrani


Production Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique

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