Grégoire Aubin

Marceau Deschamps-Ségura, actor and director, and Grégoire Aubin, writer and director, met in a drama class in college. The former enrolled into a classe préparatoire in Lyon before joining the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, all the while writing a thesis on Shakespeare and the tension between artistic demands and popular ambition. The latter started working as a writer, screenwriter, and acting coach, studying at the Acting Studio in Lyon and towards a technical degree in post-production in Villefontaine; it led him to a different approach to the story (dramaturgy, screenwriting, editing), which he developed through various formats: short and feature-length films, TV series, novels, graphic objects including a children's book illustrated by Roxanne Bee (L'Étrange É). Together, Marceau Deschamps-Ségura and Grégoire Aubin founded the company La Cité furieuse, a place where they could work on the social questions essential to their work. Complementing each other, they have been able to bring new energy to art as a craft and a critical medium. Juliet, the Beginning is their third collaboration.

Portrait of Grégoire Aubin © portrait Frédéric Pickering